Top 10 Hand Sanitizer Suppliers in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Hand sanitizer is an excellent way of getting rid of germs instantly. Due to the spread of coronavirus, the demand for the product has increased. During the early days, most of the people tried to stock as many bottles as they could, and that led to the scarcity of the product.

Since alcohol content is necessary to wipe out coronavirus, Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer suppliers have stocked the product really well. If you find it hard to get enough hand sanitizers, the below article is for you. We have made a list of top 10 hand sanitizer suppliers in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

1. Prasand

Prasand hand sanitizer is a product by KNS Media, which is a part of the renowned KNS Group. Pransand is a leading Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. The KNS Group started this initiative of manufacturing quality hand sanitizers to eliminate the shortage of the product.
Apart from hand sanitizer, you can also purchase hand rubs, disinfectant cleaners, and hand sanitizing machines. Prasand is a wholesale supplier of these products and delivers bulk orders on time.
Prasand meets all the pharmaceutical standards to wipe the virus. The products are manufactured to offer the best service to the customers.

Website URL:
Contact No. : +91 9879616665
+91 9377235673
+91 9427079070

2. Apex Mediequip Private Limited

Apex Mediequip is a renowned medical equipment manufacturing company in Ahmedabad. The company has now introduced a new product. They manufacture and supply hand sanitizers that meet all the clinical standards.
The company is known for its quality products and affordable prices. Apart from hand sanitizers, they also deal with room sanitizers, masks, and other crucial products during this pandemic.

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Contact No. : 08048963857

3. Kavit Polybind Private Limited

Kavit Polybind was founded in 1996, and since then, they are manufacturing hand cleansers and sanitizers along with several other products. The company manufactures all the products under the best conditions. They have a well-built infrastructure equipped with all the required machines.
The company accepts bulk orders and never fails to deliver on time. Their excellent infrastructure and wide network makes it possible to deliver the products on time.

Website URL:
Contact No. : 08046040742

4. Saillon Pharma

The company deals in the manufacturing of medicines. A new launch from the company is a much-required hand sanitizer. All their products adhere to medical standards.
The products manufactured by the company are safe to use and effective. The company produces and delivers bulk orders on time.

Website URL:
Contact No. : 08042538934

5. Purple Remedies Private Limited

A team of experienced medicos supervises all the processes going on in this company. They manufacture pharmaceutical medicines in addition to hand sanitizers.
The manufacturer uses high-quality ingredients, follows all the standards, and creates effective products. You can rest assured of the quality of the products. The manufacturer accepts bulk orders and delivers on time.

Website URL:
Contact No. : 08048419709

6. Kresko Projects Private Limited

The company manufactures hand sanitizers with amazing specifications. They manufacture hand sanitizer from natural ingredients in addition to the required alcohol content.
You can order a minimum of 30 liters from the manufacturer. The hand sanitizer is stored and delivered in a safe plastic packaging.

Website URL:
Contact No. : +91-9016217793

7. Life Vision Healthcare

Life Vision healthcare is a pharma product manufacturing company established in the year 2010. The company enjoyed steady growth over the years and has made a firm place in the market with its quality products.
The company supplies bulk hand sanitizer to meet the needs of its consumers. A well-built infrastructure and availability of all the products help them deliver the best products on time.

Website URL:
Contact No. : +91-9357690455

8. Siddhi Creation

Siddhi creation has been manufacturing products for quite a long time now. The company produces and supplies products under the brand name Pure. Apart from hand sanitizers, the company manufactures a variety of other products such as clothing and dinnerware.
The hand sanitizers manufactured by the company can wipe out viruses and prevent 63% of diseases.

Website URL:
Contact No. : 08048600437

9. Micromed International

Micromed international has been manufacturing medical equipment for 13 years now. Their products include surgical instruments, medical kits, hand sanitizers, and several others.
The company is known for delivering the best quality product. They follow all the safety guidelines and produce effective products.

Website URL:
Contact No. : 08046039532

10. Volkschem Crop Science Private

Volkschem Crop Science private manufactures and supplies a variety of products. The company manufactures flowering stimulants, organic pesticides, and other plant growth products in addition to hand sanitizers. Their products are organic and safe.

Website URL:
Contact No. : 08048746988

These were the top 10 hand sanitizer suppliers in Ahmedabad. All the companies offer the best quality products and ensure timely delivery. The companies follow all the safety measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus during manufacturing and delivering the products.

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