Top 10 Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Suppliers in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Top 10 Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Suppliers in Ahmedabad Gujarat

The coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate. The virus spreads with touch, and that’s why even a hand sanitizer doesn’t seem a good option. Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser helps in getting germs free hands without touching the bottle.

The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser comes with a built-in motion detector. The detector senses your hands under the bottle and releases the required amount of liquid to free your hands from viruses.
Finding the best dispenser requires a lot of research and effort. To ease the process, we have created a list of top 10 automatic hand sanitizer dispenser suppliers in Ahmedabad.

1. Prasand

The well-established KNS group powers Prasand products. The company manufactures hand sanitizers, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, cleansers, and several other products in bulk. They are one of the biggest sanitizer dispenser Manufacturers and suppliers from Ahmedabad.
The brand has a well-established infrastructure, which makes it easy to produce in bulk and still retains quality. The products are manufactured to meet all the clinical standards. You can give bulk orders without worrying about delivery.

Website URL:
Contact: +91-9879616665

2. Packmaster Machinery Private Limited

Packmaster machinery private limited primarily deals in pad printing machines, strapping machines, hand sealer machines, and a variety of other similar products. The company has now started manufacturing automatic hand sanitizer machines to fight the battle against coronavirus. Packetmaster is a great option if you want quality at a genuine price.

Website URL:
Contact: 08048600331

3. Yash Electronics

As the name suggests, they supply electronics. The new launch is a contactless automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. The brand is known for its high-quality products created in stunning designs. You can place as much as you need, and your package will be delivered to you safely.

Website URL:
Contact: +91-8048944914

4. Sanghavi & Sons

Sanghavi & Sons is known for its high-quality packaging. They have also started manufacturing automatic hand sanitizer dispensers in Ahmedabad. The brand believes in serving quality, and that’s why customers believe in them. The product effectively removes viruses, and you can place bulk orders as well.

Website URL:
Contact: 08048764334

5. SB Machines

SB Machines offers high-quality automatic hand sanitizer dispensers. The manufacturer is known for its supreme grade rinsing, filling, and capping machines. The company manufactures, supplies, and exports these goods. If you want to purchase the latest technology at the best price, SB Machines is a great option.

Website URL:
Contact: 08048409083

6. Kavit Polybind Private Limited

The company is known for its quality chemical products. They manufacture a variety of chemical products, including hand sanitizers. To prevent the spread of germs with touch, the brand also offers automatic hand sanitizer dispensers. You will get superior quality products at an affordable price.

Website URL:
Contact: 08037303860

7. Bright Liquid Soap

As the name suggests, the company manufactures liquid soaps and cleansers. The brand offers high-quality hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, and cleansers in addition to many other products. They also produce and supply automatic soap dispensers and sanitizer dispensers. Their adherence to quality makes them a choice to purchase automatic hand sanitizer machines.

Website URL:
Contact: 08048083720

8. Akshar Engineering Works

Akshar Engineering Works is a combination of pharma and machinery. The company manufactures sturdy and functional machines. They produce high-quality hand sanitizing liquid and fill it in a supreme quality dispenser.

Website URL:
Contact: 08037429265

9. Penguin Eng.

Penguin Eng. is another great option to purchase high-quality hand sanitizers. The brand manufactures and supplies quality, automatic hand sanitizer machines. If you are looking for a sturdy and affordable dispenser, Penguin is a great choice.

Website URL:
Contact: 08048419776

10. Mechmatics Engineering

A pioneer in engineering equipment, Mechmatics Engineering is a great place to get an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. You can order according to your needs, and the products will be safely delivered on time.

Website URL:
Contact: 08048602288

These were the top 10 manufacturers and suppliers from Ahmedabad. All of them are chosen because they adhere to quality.

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