Here is Why Bibs are Essential for Newborns and Why You Should Have Plenty of Them

You might be knowing that the newborn babies need bibs but you only realize its importance when you become a parent. It is important to keep the babies dry and clean all the time to prevent any type of illness. Drooling, spitting up milk, everything is a part of their development and babies do it all the time. Just imagine, how many pairs of clothes would you be changing every day? Here the bibs come to rescue. If you make bibs an essential part of newborn babywear, it will make your parenting experience hassle-free to a great extent.

Should you use bibs on newborns?

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There is a misconception about bibs that only the babies who have started eating solids or are teething and drooling needs bibs. Actually, the babies need bibs from the very first day of their arrival. If some babies have bad reflux, they spit out milk quite frequently. If you do not put a bib on the baby, every time you will be required to change their clothes and wipe them clean. During feeding sessions, bibs can add a layer of protection to your baby’s clothes and sop up spit-ups. Though you will need to change the bibs quite frequently, it will save you from the tiring exercise of changing their clothes many times a day. If you search for smart babywear in the market, you will find bibs that are designed especially for newborns which are made from extra small cloth and are a perfect fit for a baby’s tiny neck. Multi-use bibs can be draped over baby’s shoulders and used as a bib. It can also be used as a burp cloth.

How many bibs do you need? 

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Each and every baby is different. So, it depends on how often your little one drools or spits up. The number may vary from family to family. In general, 5 bibs are enough for 1 week. But again, if your baby drools or spits up more, you may need five bibs a day. You will need bibs as long as your baby is teething and especially during the initial phase of starting solid foods.

There are many types of bibs available in the market. Considering your requirement, you should pick the one that is just perfect for your baby.
1.Silicone bibs: These soft, flexible and waterproof bibs are easy to clean after meal-time. They come with a pocket at the bottom so that if your little one drops food, it will not fall on her lap and save the clothes from being stained.
2.Plastic bibs: The bibs made from waterproof plastic can be wiped clean with little effort. When it comes to catching food, they are as good as silicone bibs. Some bibs are huge enough and cover the child’s shoulders and lap.
3.Smock-style bibs: If your child is a messy eater, the smock-style bib is essential for you. They provide full coverage to the baby while eating, saving you from a big hassle of changing your baby’s clothes after each meal session.
4.Disposable bibs: What do you do with dirty bibs when you are travelling? Single-use disposable bibs are greatly helpful when you are travelling or feeding your baby on the way.
5.Bandana bibs: If you are fond of dressing up your baby and looking for everything that is stylish, Bandana bibs are made just for you. They are perfect for the drooly toddlers. These bibs are high collar and keep drool off your baby’s neck. If your baby is teething, the silicone patch at the bottom of the bib will serve the purpose of a teether.
6.Water-resistant bibs:
Using soft bib is not a good idea when your baby is excessively drooling during the teething phase. Some bibs available in the market are made from water-resistant fabric and they can absorb a good amount of liquid or drool. The icing on the cake is hook-and-loop closure which makes the bibs adjustable. So, when your baby grows old, you just have to adjust the bib as per the baby’s comfort.

At what age should you buy bib for your baby?

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As mentioned earlier, kids need bib from the very first day of their arrival. They can be used for months and even years, depending on what kind of eater your baby is. Infants spit-up frequently and drool a lot. Therefore, it is appropriate to buy regular and drool bibs for infants. Once they start taking solid food, you should buy feeding bibs. These bibs will protect your baby’s cute clothes to a great extent. Smock bibs should be purchased for the kids that are eating fruits and vegetables on their own.

Should you wash baby bibs before use?

The bibs will be as stained and dirty as you can imagine. After reading the product’s care label, you should regularly wash or wipe the bibs to maintain hygiene. Bibs are available in different materials from organic cotton to rubber. Follow the cleaning methods recommended by the manufacturer. Some bibs can be washed in washing-machine while some require different cleaning like rinsing and soaking in cold water. To disinfect them, one should hang them up to dry in a well-ventilated room or outside on the porch.

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