Top Ten 3D Architectural Visualization Service Providers in India

Choosing the top 10 3D architectural visualization service providers in India is subjective and depends on specific needs and project requirements. However, here are 10 highly-regarded firms known for their quality work and customer satisfaction:

Viz Kingdom

Viz Kingdom isn’t just a 3D visualization studio; it’s a creative powerhouse that breathes life into architectural and interior designs. Founded in 2017, their passionate team of artists conjures captivating visuals through 3D renderings, CGI, animations, and immersive VR tours. Imagine stepping into your dream home before a single brick is laid, or showcasing a futuristic building to investors before it rises from the ground. That’s the magic Viz Kingdom brings, transforming blueprints into breathtaking stories that connect, captivate, and leave a lasting impression.

Experience: 7 Years

Founder: Kaushik Vadher

Location: B-308 Sun South Street, South Bopal, Ahmedabad – 380058 Gujarat (India)


Cad Drafting Services
3D Panoramic Virtual Tours
3D Architectural Walkthrough Animation
Architectural 3D Renderings

Reviews: 5.0 Star

Contact: 9714554576

Architectural CGI

ArchiCGI isn’t your average architectural visualization company. Founded by fed-up architects and designers, they tore up the rulebook on slow turnaround times, missed deadlines, and frustrating communication. They built a team of over 500 CGI wizards, streamlined their workflow, and voila! High-quality architectural renderings, delivered fast and smooth, at competitive prices.

Need stunning visuals for your next project? Ditch the CGI headaches and let ArchiCGI be your secret weapon. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee means you’ve got nothing to lose.

Experience: 12 Years

Founder: Tim Scherbatikh

Location: Galaxy media enterprises L.P.5 southcharlottestreet, edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 4AN


CG Animation
Interior Rendering
Exterior Rendering
Aerial CGI
3D Virtual Tours
3D Cinemagraph
3D Floor Plan Visualization
Dollhouse Rendering
Drafting Services

Contact: 6073832001,



Omegarender elevates architectural visualization to an art form. Imagine hyper-realistic images, where light dances on virtual textures and every detail begs you to reach out and touch. This global team, led by visionary architect Artem Kupriyanenko, goes beyond mere renderings, crafting immersive experiences that breathe life into architectural dreams. Whether it’s showcasing stunning exteriors, weaving stories through interior scenes, or creating interactive virtual tours, Omegarender is your partner in pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Experience: 7 Years

Fonder: Artem Kupriianenko

Location: Reva syke rdBradford, UK


Architectural Visualization
Pano 360
2D/3D Plans
3D Modeling

Contact: +380631615756

Realspace 3D

Embark on a transformative visual journey with RealSpace 3D – a dynamic powerhouse in the realm of 3D rendering. Our expertise spans a diverse spectrum, allowing us to craft captivatingly realistic architectural renders, mesmerizing 3D animations, and alluring product renders that transcend conventional boundaries. Since our inception in the vibrant city of Vancouver, BC, in 2007, RealSpace has been on a relentless pursuit of excellence, collaborating with exceptional clients both near and far. What sets us apart is not just our technical proficiency, but the heartbeat of our operation – a close-knit team of devoted 3D Artists fueled by an unwavering passion for architecture and the artistry of computer-generated images and animations. At RealSpace 3D, we don’t just create visuals; we breathe life into your ideas, bringing imagination into the realm of tangible, awe-inspiring reality.

Experience: 17 years

Founder: Ian Clark

Location: 170-422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4


House Rendering
Architectural Animation
3D Interior Rendering
Virtual Reality

Contact: 6045680248


Struggling to bring your architectural dreams to life on paper? Applet3D steps in as your creative translator, using their magic toolbox of 3D rendering to morph sketches into stunning visuals. Their expert team breathes life into your ideas, crafting photorealistic interiors, sweeping exteriors, and immersive walkthroughs that captivate audiences and seal the deal. Whether it’s securing project funding, wowing clients, or simply walking through your future home, Applet3D delivers high-quality visuals with meticulous attention to detail and lightning-fast speed. Ditch the limitations of 2D drawings and unlock the power of 3D with Applet3D – let them render your vision, while you bask in the spotlight.

Experience: 9 years

Location: 100 N 18th St, Suite #300, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Exterior Rendering
Site and Plot Plan
Interior Rendering
Commercial Rendering
Animation Rendering
Product Rendering
House rendering
Architecture Animation
Floor Plan Rendering
2D Colorized Plans & Sites
Industrial Rendering
Flythrough and Walkthrough Animation

Reviews: 5.0 Star

Contact: 2672974446

NDR Digital Studio

Imagine stepping into your dream building before a single brick is laid. Imagine navigating its sun-drenched halls, feeling the smooth texture of its polished surfaces, and basking in the applause of a captivated audience. This is the magic NDR Digital Studio weaves – a tapestry of light and detail that breathes life into your architectural dreams. We’re not just artists; we’re your co-conspirators, conjuring photorealistic worlds that ignite understanding, win hearts, and propel your vision forward. From whisper-thin walls to sprawling landscapes, our meticulous modeling and immersive experiences let you walk through your future. So ditch the flat sketches and blurry blueprints – let NDR paint your masterpiece in 3D reality.

Experience: 8 Years

Founder: Anil Verma

Location: 164, Part 3, Ashok Vihar, Sector 5, Gurugram, Haryana 122001


3D Architectural visualization
3D Rendering Services
CAD drafting services
3d Interior Design Company
Autocad Documentation & Drafting
Interactive Solutions IVR
Architectural Rendering

Reviews: 4.8 Star

Contact: 9899886515


3DArchPreVision is an Indian 3D architectural rendering company. Their team comprises architects and 3D artists, each with over 15 years of experience. The firm is committed to delivering high-quality work and fostering creativity. They have expert 3D artists skilled in CGI and 3D animation, which is crucial for design and marketing. As an architectural rendering firm, they enable their B2B clients to compete globally for contracts. Their solutions play a critical role in obtaining planning permissions and promoting projects across various media platforms.

Experience: 15 Years

Founder: Basalath Fathima

Location: No.1, Poes Road, Teynampet, Chennai – 600018


3D Exterior,
3D Interiors,
Floor Plan

Reviews: 4.0 Star

Contact: 9840020396

Abhi’s Creation

Abhi’s Creation emerged with a revolutionary purpose: to redefine the realm of Architectural Rendering and claim its throne as the unrivaled provider of photo-realistic 3D masterpieces for ambitious real estate ventures. Brimming with talent and innovation, their team transforms client aspirations into breathtaking 3D realities, pouring every ounce of dedication into each project. Over the last twenty-four months, they’ve not only etched their mark but have been the driving force behind the metamorphosis of the Real Estate Sector, offering a powerful conduit for individuals and investors to captivate clients with the enchantment of 3D Visualization. Abhi’s Creation isn’t just a rendering service; it’s a transformative journey from imagination to immersive reality.

Experience: 2 years

Founder: Abhishek Patil

Location: Abhi’s Creation A 101, Satyam Shrey society Besides Chellaram Diabetes Hospital, Bavdhan Bk -Pune


3D Interior Rendering
3D Exterior Rendering
3D Design Elevation
3D Walkthrough Animation
3D Architectural Rendering
3D Architectural Visualization
2D Floor-Plans & 3D Cut-Sections
3D Animation Studio

Reviews: 5.0 Star

Contact: 9022915613

The Cheesy Animation

The Cheesy Visual Studio is a leading company specializing in 3D Animation, Rendering, Walkthrough & Flythrough, Illustration, and 3D Architectural Animation, as well as 3D Corporate and Industrial Animation. With decades of experience, we offer photorealistic designs and videos tailored to your specific needs. Operating in India, China, the United Kingdom, and the USA, we are dedicated to providing our valued clients with our best, fast, and innovative services. In today’s competitive landscape, embracing technology is essential, and 3D Architectural technology stands out as one of the best. In 3D Animation, a property site is transformed into a 3D model, brought to life with animation before it exists in reality. This approach allows clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the site in an engaging and enjoyable manner. When clients lack the time to visit the actual site, they can still benefit from a valuable experience through a 3D Walkthrough, where we provide meticulous attention to the smallest details. Clients can even modify interior furniture while experiencing the 3D Walkthrough. This feature enhances their clarity of vision, even when translated to reality. It enables them to adjust their future plans and preempt potential issues before they materialize. 3D animation proves to be highly beneficial across all fields.

Experience: 10 Years

Location: 34, Pardarshak, Shivaranjani Cross Road, Ahmedabad, India – 380015


3D Walkthrough,
3D Exterior Rendering,
3D Interior Rendering,
3D Floor Plan,
3D Modeling,
3D Product Rendering,
Virtual Reality

Reviews: 5.0 Star

Contact: 9998941705

Blue Ribbon 3D Animation Studio

BlueRibbon is a 3D animation studio located in Ahmedabad that focuses on pushing boundaries to create exceptional 3D architectural renderings and animations. Since its establishment in 2010, the studio has been a pioneer in providing 3D architectural rendering and visualization services. Their main goal is to deliver realistic, attractive, and cost-effective computer-generated 3D imagery. Their commitment to addressing every detail and achieving perfection sets a high standard for clients as their projects enter the market. They have collaborated with numerous successful companies and have been dedicated to serving local and international clients in various segments including architecture, interior design, construction, advertising, landscape consulting, building, web development, and engineering. Additionally, they offer appealing web design and graphic design services to a wide range of other industries.

Experience: 14 Years

Founder: Vijay Jadav

Location: C – 1018, Rajyash rise Nr. Vishala Circle APMC Market, Vasna, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007


3D Exterior Rendering
3D Interior Rendering
3D Architectural Walkthrough
3D Floor Plan Rendering
360 Virtual Reality Tours
3D Product Animation

Reviews: 4.3 Star

Contact: 9624465429

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