The Top 10 In-Centre Haemodialysis in Nairobi Kenya

Haemodialysis is a pivotal treatment which filters the blood from wastes if your kidneys are unable to function properly. In-centre Haemodialysis is a process when a patient needs to go to a Dialysis Centre in Nairobi Kenya for his dialysis treatment. Here, we are going to mention the top 10 in-centre haemodialysis in Nairobi Kenya.

1. NephroMed 

NephroMed is an eminent in-centre dialysis in Nairobi Kenya. NephroMed has an NHIF Accredited Facility and it always embraces the patients with high-quality treatment. The hospital is equipped with qualified and professional doctors and other healthcare experts who are helping the patients to combat various kidney problems and diseases. NephroMed has a total of 19 beds and the latest machines (AK-98 By Baxter Gambro) for dialysis. Though established in 2017, the hospital provides the utmost comfort (reclining bed with ample space) to the patients during the time of dialysis. You can reach the hospital either by sending an email ( or you can call on +254737787878.

2. South C Dialysis Centre

SCDC is a reputed dialysis centre in Nairobi Kenya, which provides the best haemodialysis facilities to the patients with chronic or acute chronic renal failure. The hospital has a team of nephrologists, dialysis nurses and dietitians and offers you a warm, friendly and safe environment for dialysis. You can get in touch with the hospital either by calling or sending an email to the mail id (

3. ARC Healthcare Kenya

ARC is a premier healthcare company which owns a brand called” Renasense”. Renasense has an advanced renal care centre in Kenya which provides the finest renal care and dialysis services to all patients who need world-class services while offering all the luxuries and comfort. The centre has 17 beds for dialysis and a professional team of nephrologists, experienced BLS and ACLS certified nurses and technologists. You can contact them through their number (+254100128593) or by sending your query to

4. Africare dialysis centre

This is a reputed dialysis centre in Nairobi Kenya which offers haemodialysis services on an outpatient basis. This NHIF accredited centre is flooded with professional nephrologists and other healthcare experts. To know more about the centre and its offerings, you can call them on +254 721 964669.

5. Parkland Kidney Centre

This is a state-of-the-art specialist out-patient based medical facility in Nairobi Kenya. The hospital has a dialysis unit which is managed by a team of specialist qualified renal nurses and doctors, who aim to provide each patient with a high standard of individualized care. The hospital offers other services like general medicine, diabetes, hypertension, and pre & post-transplant care. To reach them, just dial 0762790207 or send your query through email (

6. The Karen Hospital

This is a 102-bedded leading hospital in Kenya which offers the best treatment for acute and chronic urological conditions. The hospital has 10 haemodialysis machines and 9 standard beds and one isolation bed for dialysis. The hospital offers services like renal screening, haemodialysis, kidney transplantation, and renal nutritional counselling. You can submit your query to the official website of the company or even ask them by dialling their emergency number (+254702222222).

7. The Nairobi West Hospital

This is an NHIF accredited hospital which offers dialysis to the patients to prevent further complications and control the progression of the disease. The hospital has a dialysis unit which runs 24X7 with the ICU. The hospital has high-quality dialysis machines to provide the best dialysis service to the patients. You can contact the hospital on its number (0730600000) or send your query to the email id (

8. Kenyatta National Hospital

This is an established hospital in Kenya which offers haemodialysis, pre & post-transplant, and renal biopsy services to the patients who are suffering from various acute and chronic kidney diseases. If you want the best dialysis services for your kidney problem, you can call them (0709854000) or mail them (

9. Coptic Main Hospital

This leading hospital has a dialysis unit which is equipped with 25 dialysis machines that provide quality services to the patients. The hospital offers utmost comfort and privacy to the patients during the time of dialysis. You can always contact the hospital on its numbers +2540711043000, +2540732341241.

10. M.P. Shah Hospital

The hospital treats patients who are suffering from various kidney diseases, end-stage renal disease, kidney stones, and immunological kidney disease. The hospital offers dialysis (haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) and kidney transplant services to the patients. You can get in touch with the hospital through their contact number (+254204291100) or by sending emails to their email id(

These are the top 10 in-centre haemodialysis in Nairobi Kenya. You can contact them for the best kidney treatment in Nairobi Kenya.

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