Best Chemotherapy Daycare Centres in Nairobi, Kenya

Best Chemotherapy Daycare Centres in Nairobi, Kenya

Chemotherapy, in its most general sense, refers to the treatment of cancer by using chemicals which kill the lethal cancerous cells. Many chemotherapy daycare centres in Nairobi, Kenya provide cost-effective chemotherapy treatment to the patients who are suffering from cancer. Let’s take a look at the best daycare chemotherapy units in Nairobi, Kenya.

1. NephroMed

NephroMed daycare centre offers the best and cost-effective chemotherapy and targeted therapy which can effectively treat cancer. This NHIF accredited daycare unit offers chemotherapy under the supervision of dexterous oncologists and experienced nurses. NephroMed chemotherapy centre also provides authorized medications that are prescribed by the physicians to the patients for their cancer treatment. The centre has dedicated 6 beds for chemotherapy and provides the utmost comfort and safety during chemotherapy. The cost of chemotherapy in Kenya is quite affordable with this centre. The centre also offers dietary food and pick & drop facility services to the patients. You can reach this centre by sending an email ( or you can call on +254737787878.

2. HCG CCK Cancer Centre 

This is the first private comprehensive cancer centre in East Africa which offers chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical oncology, medical oncology, and palliative care under one roof. The centre is equipped with the best oncologists and experienced nurses who prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer by offering the highest levels of treatment protocols. You can reach this hospital by dialling its number 08040206000.

3. Nairobi Radiotherapy and Cancer Centre

This daycare centre provides chemotherapy treatment in a warm and caring environment. Apart from chemotherapy, the centre provides oncology consultation, targeted therapy, blood transfusion, laboratory services, pharmacy, and diet counselling. Over the past 15years, the centre provides relentless cancer services to the patients. You can get in touch with this hospital through their number (0700322585).

4. Avenue hospital 

This is a 140 bedded leading hospital in Parklands, Nairobi which offers the best chemotherapy and other medical care services to the patients. The hospital has a team of professional oncologists and nurses who offer the best chemotherapy after diagnosing your condition and severity of the disease. You can contact them through their email ( or phone numbers (+254711060100).

5. The Mater Hospital

This is a leading hospital in East and Central Africa which offers a chunk of services including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, etc. for cancer treatment. The hospital has its own pharmacy, physiotherapy, and laboratory services. The hospital is run by a group of professional staff who have plenty of experience in the field of oncology and medical science. You can easily contact them through their phone number (+254719073000) or you can send your query to their email (

6. Karen Hospital

This is an eminent hospital in Nairobi which offers chemotherapy, medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation therapy, pain management, palliative care, and oncology counselling services to the patients. The oncology department of the hospital is helmed by experienced oncologists, surgeons, nurses, and reconstructive surgeons. The hospital treats breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, gastrointestinal cancer and many more. You can submit your query to their website or you can call them on +25472622001.

7. St Mary’s Mission Hospital

This is another pre-eminent hospital in Nairobi which offers the best-quality cancer treatment to the patients at an affordable cost. The hospital offers chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and other cancer treatment services to the patients. You can book an appointment by calling on their number (+254207851300).

8. Janice Cholerton Medical and Cancer Hospital

This is an affordable and state-of-the-art hospital in Kenya which offers various cancer services like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, medications, and surgery so that patients can combat this lethal disease. The hospital is run by a board of directors and is a subsidiary of Cancer Research Trust-Kenya (CRT-K). You can reach them by dialling the number (+254714734343) or send your query via email (

9. AIC Kijabe hospital

This hospital was established in 1915 as a small outpatient clinic, but now, it has become a leading hospital in Nairobi with 363 beds for patients. The hospital has more than 900 healthcare staff and it provides the best and cost-effective chemotherapy services to the patients. The hospital is equipped with 9 OTs, modern ICUs, laboratory units, and pathology clinics. To know more about the hospital, you can call on their number (0709728200) or you can send an email ( to the team of the hospital.

10. Texas Cancer Centre

This was established in 2010 to provide the best and specialized cancer treatment to the patients. The centre offers cancer screening, chemotherapy, radioactive iodine treatment, pain & palliative care, nutrition and counselling. Till now, the centre has treated more than 18000 cancer patients using skilled oncology professionals and team members. You can get in touch with this centre by calling on their number (0716279632).

These are the best Chemotherapy Daycare Centres in Nairobi, Kenya.

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