Building a new home in 2020? Enhance Your Living Experience With 6 Features

Buying a house is a huge decision. Home is a place where we spend a large amount of our time. That is why this place should be comfortable and suitable to our taste, lifestyle, needs and preferences. The main reason people purchase their own house or build a home on a land package is that they can customise it the way they want. However, you will have to keep an end number of things in mind before building a new home. If you are planning to build a new house this year, there are several features you should try to incorporate in your dream home so that it gives you an enhanced living experience. For the best results, you can contact a custom home builder for valuable guidance.

1.  Carefully select your floor plan and orientation:

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Do you want a small bar and a home office? Is your family going to grow in the future? Is there enough space for everyone to live comfortably? If you are making a huge investment like purchasing a house, it is essential that a lot of thought process is involved in making that decision. You are not going to change your house very frequently. Thereby while building your house, you should carefully select your floor plan, considering your current and future requirements.  Another important aspect you should consider is orientation. How much light and wind will enter your house depends on the orientation you select. You can decide which part of your house gets maximum sun and natural light during the daytime. You should plan your outdoor areas and rooms where you will spend most of the time accordingly.

2.  Make your home energy efficient:

Plan your new home smartly. Plan it in a way that in a long run, it proves to be cost-effective. One aspect is to make your home energy efficient as much as possible. As mentioned above, choose orientation wisely so that you can make the most of sunlight. More sunshine during cold months of winter means less expenditure after heating and illuminating the room. You can use double glazing larger windows to reduce the loss of heat. Another way is to insulate and seal your doors and windows. These days installing solar panels and rainwater collection tanks is in trend. They are eco-friendly and you can greatly reduce your electricity and water bill.

3.  Plan your interior wisely:

What is in trend? This is the first thing people consider when they are planning interior design for their new homes. Trends change like London weather in the field of interior designing. So, don’t be tempted to follow the modern trend rigidly. You can change your interior design every few years. That is why, go with the design that suits your taste for a longer period of time. You can experiment with the things that you can change like curtains or sofa covers but not with kitchen platforms. Be very careful about picking up an interior design for your home. Also think, if you are planning to sell this home in future, will the design appeal to a potential buyer? Going for classic, sober and timeless designs is a key to building a beautiful home.

4.  Choose what is easier to maintain:

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However beautiful the house is, if it is not properly maintained, its beauty will fade. Maintenance is an integral part of home. Therefore, when you select materials, choose the ones which require less upkeep. On the exterior, you can choose low maintenance cladding. Aluminium window frames or plastic composite decks in the outdoor area too demand very less maintenance. Even when you choose lights, go for long-lasting LED lights. Flooring vinyl is the most convenient option. If you plan to have a fireplace, consider that a gas powered fireplace will ask for minimum maintenance.

5.  Ensure comfortable air conditioning and heating:

With earth’s temperature rising each passing year, air conditions are no more a luxury. They have become a necessity. The same way, you need good heating to survive through the harsh months of winter. When you are building a new home in Australia, first allocate space for AC and heaters. You can go for split or ducted AC as per your convenience. Though a ducted system is more expensive than a split system, it provides cool air throughout the house. You should make a decision as per your usage requirements.

6. Invest in security system:

It is important to protect your grand home with a robust security system. You will get a plethora of options in the market. Once the construction is complete, you should focus on installing a security system that suits your requirements. Security lights, strong locks on the doors and windows, and alarm system are essentials. You can check out what other modern security systems can offer. These days security systems are connected to applications and you can get real-time updates about your home when you are away.

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