What To Know Before Buying An Oil-Free Compressor?

Compressed air is a utility and that’s why air compressors are an important tool for any business. No matter which industry you belong to, contaminated compressed air can be harmful. Some industries require more standard air, while others can do with little contamination, but excessive contamination is a matter of question for all. 

Oil-free air compressors are known to reduce contamination as the lubricant used in the compressor is not oil. But, even oil-free compressors are not completely contamination-free. If you are thinking of buying an oil-free compressor, here is something you must know. 

What Do You Expect From The Compressor?

Knowing what you need or expect your compressor to do can solve many of your problems. Your compressed air requirements, your pressure needs, capacity expectations and everything related to the compressor can be analysed. 

Come up with everything before starting exploring the compressors. It will make filtration easy. Also, these factors will help you decide on the budget. 

Know The Terms

Just like everything else, there are certain compressor related terms that every first time buyer needs to understand. Here are the jargons you will get introduced to during your buying process. 

  1. Actual cubic feet per minute (ACFM)
  2. Standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM)
  3. Pounds per square inch (PSI)
  4. PSIG Gauge
  5. Intercooler 
  6. Aftercooler 
  7. Pneumatic tools 
  8. Horsepower 

The Output Air Will Still Have Contamination 

The highest quality of air that you can get from the compressor is class 0 air. And surprisingly, it is not completely contamination free. Though this standard air is considered safe to use in most industries. 

If you are into an industry where products are directly consumed, such as medical, food, beverages, etc. the air is not sufficiently clean for you. If you are buying the compressor for the above mentioned industry, the compressor alone will not be sufficient. 

What can help you in such a condition is filtration. The remaining impurities in the air which can be in the form of water vapour, aerosols, microorganisms, and others can be removed with the help of filters. 

A Bigger Tank Is A Better Choice

We can suggest buying the biggest tank out there, but that will not be practical. A bigger tank will cost more and we do not intend to disturb your budget. Know how much you can spend and purchase the biggest possible tank that could fit in your budget then. 

A smaller will need to be filled continuously and the air will be used even before it’s completely cool. Continuous operation can damage your compressor. 

A larger tank not only ensures enough stock of air but also supports smooth working. 

Don’t Close The Deal On Lower Horsepower 

If you want your compressor to be more efficient, a higher horsepower is the necessity. Horsepower represents how good quality your motor is. Higher horsepower will not only ensure a strong motor, but the efficient working will fill the tank faster. Overall, good horsepower will ensure a long life of the compressor.

Buying Oil-Free Air Compressor In India Made Easy

Seeking consultation from the experts in the industry will not only simplify the process of buying, but all your doubts will also get cleared with time. Book your consultation and talk to our expert consultant today. If nothing pleases you, our customized solutions will surely help you out.  

Looking at the list of steps mentioned by different companies, the buying process might seem extremely complex. However, there is no denying that buying technical devices requires a lot of research and effort, it is not much complicated when you have the right guidance. 

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