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What is the best guitar for a beginner?

Trying to select the best guitar for you (especially if you are a beginner) is certainly a daunting task. You need to consider many things like what style of music you want to play, your budget, and other imperative factors. Most of the eminent music shops in Brisbane are flooded with three types of guitars and they are electric, acoustic, and classical. Each type of guitar is worthy and has advantages and disadvantages. Here, we are mentioning certain factors that you need to consider when choosing between them from a guitar shop Brisbane.

1.Action: The action (the distance from the strings to the neck) is one of the deciding factors when you are trying to purchase a guitar. If a guitar’s action is very high it will be difficult for a beginner to play. It is recommended to select a guitar with a low action so that you can easily play it. In the beginning, you should enjoy playing the guitar and don’t find it painful.
2.Playability: Since the strings are quite thinner, hence you can easily plan an electric guitar. For an electric guitar, ‘action’ is lower and therefore, you can comfortably press down the strings. Moreover, the necks are also narrower and thus, it is beneficial for you in the early stages. Budget acoustics have a very high action; hence you need to put strength on your finger to play the guitar. On the other hand, cheaper acoustic guitars are quite difficult to play because the strings are too far from the fretboard. Classical guitars possess nylon strings which are softer than steel strings and thus, you can easily press down. But the neck is much wider and hence, you might face difficulty at the beginning. Moreover, the action is also higher.
3.Style of music: You should select a guitar depending on which style of music you want to pursue. If you want to go with rock music, then choose an electric guitar. If you are interested in playing folk or fingerstyle, you can consider a steel-string acoustic guitar. On the other hand, if you want to pursue classical music, then nothing can be better than a nylon string classical guitar. If you want to play all styles of music, then start with an electric guitar and later, switch on to an acoustic.
4.Budget: If your budget is a constraint, then don’t purchase an acoustic guitar. Because the sound quality of a cheap acoustic guitar is very poor and it is very hard to play. If you have a decent budget, then purchase an electric guitar.
5.Amplifier: Do you need an amplifier? Electric guitars often require an amplifier to be heard above a singing voice. But these guitars can make enough sound for practice without being plugged in. These days technology is emerging very rapidly, hence you can play the guitar without purchasing an amplifier. So, think wisely and analyse whether you really need an amplifier or not.

These are certain factors that you need to consider before taking the final call. But in general, for the beginners, the electric guitars are the best instruments. Because you can play them easily and you will experience faster results which will motivate you to play further. Moreover, there are many types and styles of electric guitar available in the market. But don’t purchase an electric guitar with a “floating tremolo” at the very beginning.

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