What should you do to get Government Tenders in India?

Tenders issued by the central and state governments in India are very attractive and profitable and if you somehow grab the opportunity and get the tender, you can be a successful contractor as your business will see new heights very soon. In India, the government tenders are given priority as compared to private tenders for various reasons. Also, if you have built a good reputation for your organisation by giving a quality work in the past, there are more chances of you getting the work repeatedly from the government as compared to other organisations which are new in the business.

Now the prime question is, how should one apply for government tenders and finally grab one? They are lucrative and very profitable but not everybody is fortunate to get government tenders as thousands of people/companies bid for them and the allocation is done with strict guidelines. Also, the overall process of applying for government tenders is quite complicated compared to the tenders issued by the private organisations. Some of the tips that could be followed while applying for the government tenders in India to increase your chances of allotment are mentioned below.

Keep yourself updated to receive tender information at the earliest

Make sure that you receive the tender information as early as possible to avoid wastage of time because as soon as you receive the information, you will have to prepare everything from papers, documents and your resources to bid and begin the work if allotted so be prepared in advance

Answer all the questions asked related to tender

Even if you are bidding for the government for the first time, make sure that the questions asked previously to the bidders are answered by you as well because it gives an idea to the government authorities about your work experience and potential which might help you in future contracts.

Never ignore the terms and conditions

No matter how much experience you have in the business, make sure to read each and every line mentioned in the terms and conditions page. Most people ignore this and make mistakes while filling the tender application which results in either cancellation or rejection of the contract ultimately.

Try to fulfill all the criterias to get the tender

It is a myth amongst most of the new bidders that tenders are allotted to people who bid the least which is absolutely not true. The most important thing that the government considers while looking at the tender document is whether you are fulfilling all the necessary criteria or not. After evaluating your previous work experience (if any) and other important things, they go through the bidding amount

Start slowly

Before you bid for government tenders, make sure you start with other small projects that build your experience as this experience will be eventually considered by the government officials before allotting you the tender.

Keep updating yourself on the latest market trends

The more updated you are about the latest market trends, the more trust you can create amongst the government officials. Let them know that you are capable of working on just anything. Tell them that you can provide the most relevant and quality services.

Always make sure that you are punctual and value time because as soon as you get the tender information, you need to act upon it quickly and start preparing yourself. Remember, there are times when the tenders are opened for a short duration so you need to be punctual in filling the documents and responding.

Some of the tenders with their processes are explained below

BPCL tenders-

Tenders for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited are firstly published on the Central Public Procurement Portal which is government of India website and on the official website of BPCL.

IRCTC tenders-

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation limited issues e tenders on their official website and on various news papers offline as well.

Legal tenders-

There are a lot of legal tenders in which the transparency is kept in allotting the tenders to parties and no biasness is shown in tender allotments

Education tenders-

Tenders that are issued by the education and training centers of the government are called education tenders which are published in various government websites from time to time

Govt tenders-

Government tenders are in high demand in India as they are very profitable and clears payments of contractors on time which is why companies keep a daily check on government tenders for bidding

Building construction tenders-

Various tenders related to the government building constructions are published often by the central and state governments in India for open bidding.

Private building construction tenders-

Private organisations publish tenders on their websites inviting parties to construct buildings for them and pay handsome amounts.

Building tenders-

From constructing homes for poor people to building multi-storey government offices, building tenders are in high demand in India as they are very profitable.

Construction tenders-

Constructing, small houses, walls, fencing, dams, offices or renovating old government offices come under construction tenders which are published very often in the government websites as these constructions are required frequently by the government.

Kerala tenders-

Bidders from Kerala interested in bidding the Kerala State Government tenders can keep daily check on their website and local newspapers for the latest information on tenders

Railway tenders-

Indian Railway issues tenders from time to time regarding their various development projects where people can fill the form and apply for various tenders they are eligible to work

Indian railways tenders-

Tenders issued by Indian Railways are best opportunities to improve portfolio by working on their projects. You can check their website and newspapers for further details

NTPC tenders-

National Thermal Power Corporation of India offers tenders to people for various in-house development projects where you can bid and get the tenders if eligible.

Private tenders-

Private tenders are less popular as compared to government tenders as government bodies are trustworthy and clear payments on time.

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