What Are The Different Types Of Gantry Cranes?

The gantry crane is a self-supporting load handling device. It is one of many types of overhead cranes and can be found in both single and double girder configuration. The crane comes with free-standing legs that walk along the crane using wheels or some other track. The gantry crane manufacturers in India suggest that unlike other cranes, the gantry cranes don’t need permanent support columns. This is the most important benefit of gantry cranes which not only makes the processes easier but also reduces cost. The gantry cranes come in a variety of types and designs. Here we will discuss the four types of gantry cranes.

Full Gantry Crane

The most popular gantry crane is the full gantry crane. The crane is popular because of the ease of usage and the comfort it brings. The crane has two legs that walk along on a rail situated on both sides. The crane usually walks in a straight line and makes it quite easy to move the load in an open work area. The crane makes it easy to handle motorized equipment like carts and trucks. The ample space between the two railings allows smooth passing of equipment underneath the crane.

Mostly it is like the full gantry crane only. The only difference here is that it works on one supporting leg instead of two. The second leg is replaced with some external support column which can be the building wall or anything that can provide ample support. The semi gantry cranes are beneficial when you need to save floor space. While a bridge crane will demand two support systems, the semi gantry crane can make it work for you with just one and that too without using much space.

Portable Gantry Crane

The easiest to use, move and store, portable gantry crane seems like a blessing when your requirements are not high. These are small in size and have rubber wheels to move throughout the dedicated workspace. The portable gantry cranes are extremely easy to move anywhere when not in use. The empty crane is not heavy and working with it is quite easy. The small size makes it a space-saving option. The portable gantry crane is floor flexible and can be used for a variety of functions.

Adjustable Gantry Crane

As the name suggests, the adjustable gantry crane can be adjusted according to requirements. The crane can be designed in such a way that it meets variable height and span needs. The variable height feature makes it easy for you to adjust the crane as per your needs. It is not one-time customization, you can adjust the crane whenever you want and that makes it so flexible. The crane can be used for a variety of applications and the flexibility makes it quite a popular choice.

Choosing Your Gantry Crane

The gantry cranes can be purchased according to your particular needs. Not only it comes in various types, but designs as well. The designs contribute to the features of the crane and you can choose the designs that match your requirements. Gantry cranes are designed separately for indoor and outdoor uses. The axle can be fixed or rotating depending on the design and choice of the end-user. In addition to that, you can choose designs that use less power supply or offer better speed. Buying a crane is a significant investment and the decision requires a lot of attention. You need to research everything well before making the final decision. The best thing you can do is book your consultation with our experts and get complete guidance for your purchase.

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