Why Do Manufacturers Use Oil Free Compressed Air?

Compressed air is utility just like other things used during the manufacturing process. It is a form of energy and is safe to be used in food items manufacturing. It is used in a variety of applications. Air compressors are used to compress the air under specific pressure and the air is then used for multiple purposes. The process is quite complicated and getting compressed air costs you a significant amount. Manufacturers deal with different types of compressors out of which oil free air compressors are used in sensitive applications such as food and pharmaceuticals. Now, the question is why use oil free compressed air when it is expensive. It requires longer processes and the compressor costs much higher. Let’s understand in detail.

What Is Oil Free Compressed Air?

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When air is compressed in a compressor, it uses lubricants to function properly. The residues of the oil lubricant used during the process are left in the air. The air thus compressed is cleaned to get rid of these impurities to get oil-free compressed air. When you purchase an oil free air compressor in India, you don’t need to worry about the filtration. Something other than oil is used for lubrication in such processes. The oil free compressors use water as lubricant and coolant sometimes.Oil free compressed air is basically compressed air free from oil. The target can be achieved by either using an oil free compressor or filtering the air afterward.

Why Is Oil Free Compressed Air Used?

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No matter which compressor you use, both piston and screw compressors leave some residual. The amount of residual oil in the air varies from 0.01-0.1 mg/m3. As mentioned earlier, compressed air is used in a variety of applications. Some of the processes can be done with oil-contaminated air where the air is not directly consumed or where it doesn’t affect the internal structure of the product. But, some industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, superconductors, gas, and paper manufacturing require oil free air. Now, the oil free air used here can also be divided into categories. First comes technically oil free compressed air. In this process, the oil is filtered after the air is compressed. The process is not accepted as an effective one and that’s why the air obtained is not used for critical applications. After this comes standards of oil free air. You can purchase an oil free compressor according to the standard of oil free compressed air you need. There are 5 standards in total starting from 0 to 4. 0 is the highest standard which means you get the purest air at this scale. 4 is the lowest among the 5 marking it the lowest pure air standard. The critical industries only use purest oil free air to maintain the quality of the products. Oil contamination can change the composition of the food or medical product leading to hazardous situations. That’s the reason why manufacturers use it even when it is highly expensive. It is not a choice, it is a necessity.

How Oil Free Air Is Achieved?

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You need oil free air compressors to get oil free compressed air. The lubricant oil is replaced with water or other safe materials in such compressors. Oil free air can also be achieved by filtering the oil from compressed air after compressing it in an ordinary compressor. However, it will not be that effective. Moreover, you need to check with the concerned authorities to find out what standard air you need. Make your purchase after knowing which standard air you need because it is a significant investment. Simply saying, oil free compressed air means either the oil is not touched with the air, or the residues have been completely filtered. If an application needs oil free compressed air, it is a compulsion because not following the norms can be dangerous. Even if your industry seems to be okay with certain oil contents, it is best to check with concerned authorities. Because avoiding such things can cause serious problems. “Prevention is better than cure”. Choose the best and right oil free air compressor for your business according to requirements. If you still have doubts, our consultants will be happy to guide you. Get in touch and we shall make it easy.

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