Top Functions and Features of MRU Nova Plus

Top Functions and Features of MRU Nova Plus

MRU Nova Plus emission analyzer is a versatile biogas analyzer that is also used in engine emissions tuning and compliance reporting. MRU Nova Plus can effectively measure combustion air temperature, stack gas temperature, stack draft, differential pressure and temperature as well. It can calculate CO2, CO/CO2 ratio, Dew Point, excess air and air ratio, combustion efficiency and heat losses as well. Some of its salient features such as gas leak detection and flow measurement makes it extremely safe for industrial usage and is considered very cost effective as well. It is a handheld analyzer which is very compatible and can be easily taken to places inside and outside the working site.

Features of MRU Nova Plus

Some of the features of Nova plus which are noteworthy are listed below

  • Emission Calculations Including: Mg/M3, NO(X) As Mg/M3 NO2, True Measurement Of NO(X) = NO + NO2
  • Gas Temperature Measurement Up To 2,012°F (Use Stainless Steel Up To 1,200°F, Use Inconel Tubes Up To 2,012°F)
  • Large Condensate Separator With PTFE (Teflon) Coated Filter (Optional Gas Cooler)
  • Air Purging Pump For CO-Sensor Protection
  • Built-In Speed Printer With Easy Paper Loading
  • Battery And Grid Power Operation
  • High Energy Li-Ion Battery (Up To 20 Hours Operation Time / With Gas Cooler Approx. 10 Hrs.)
  • Wall-Plug, Universal Grid Power Supply, 100-240Vac/50-60Hz / 12V Dc
  • Compact And Robust Transport Case

General Specifications of Nova Plus

Some of the specifications of Nova Plus which you must know are listed below

  • It has a large condensate separator which is teflon coated as well.
  • It has a air purging pump for CO-sensor protection with a cut off valve
  • It has internal data storage upto 16000 measurements.
  • It has a high energy Li-Ion battery that provides up to 30 hours of operation time.
  • It has wireless battery charging
  • This portable flue gas analyzer has a large backlit display with zoom function as well as large color graphic
  • It has a durable and dirt resistant keypad
  • It has a remote control unit or RCU for analyzer operation which has a bluetooth communication with a base unit, optional differential temperature and pressure measurement and AUX port for additional parameters.

Technical Specifications

There are a few technical specification as well which tells you how exactly MRU Nova Plus operates in the practical environment and how it should be used so as to avoid any hazards and to get maximum efficiency out of it

  • Operation temperature 41°F …. 113°F, max. 95 % RH, non condensing
  • Storage temperature -4°F ….. 122°F
  • Ambient conditions not in aggressive, corrosive or high dust environments, not for use in hazardous areas
  • Power supply – Base Unit Lithium-Ion battery, 20 h operation, (with gas cooler 10 h)
  • RCU Lithium-Ion battery, 30 h operation
  • Grid power supply 100 – 240 Vac / 50 … 60 Hz / 5A
  • Protection class IP20
  • Weight Complete unit approx. 16.3lbs / RCU 0.88lbs
  • Dimensions Complete unit 18.5″ x 9″ x 12″ (W x H x D) RCU 7.36″ x 3.54″ x 1.5″

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