Top Cancer Treatment Centres in Nairobi Kenya

1. Nephromed Speciality Healthcare

A robust combination of chemotherapy and targeted therapies is essential for effective cancer treatment. Nephromed, the best cancer hospital in Kenya offers personalized oncology treatment that delivers encouraging results. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities when it comes to lab services and advanced chemotherapy machines. Proficient oncology consultants and qualified chemo/palliative nurses of this cancer care centre work dedicatedly towards providing the patients with the best possible treatment. To ensure that the patients recover with their full strength and live an improved quality life, experts of the centre also provide wholesome nutritional advice.

2. HCG CCK Cancer Centre

One of the leading cancer centres in the East African Region, HCG CCK cancer centre offers quality comprehensive cancer care. The cancer centre is equipped with advanced technology tools and a multi-disciplinary team to provide effective cancer treatment to the patients. It is known for effective radiation therapy, molecular pathology, surgical oncology, psychotherapy, and palliative care to support patients throughout the course of treatment.

3. Texas Cancer Centre

Fortunately, cancer treatment cost in Kenya is comparatively lower than the developed countries. The quality of treatment however is world-class. Another cancer centre in Kenya that has earned a reputation for providing affordable but effective cancer treatment is Texas Cancer Centre. The centre is equipped with advanced tools and technology for cancer testing, screening and treatment. This centre is particularly known for linear accelerator radiotherapy, radioactive iodine treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, nutrition and counselling alongside providing conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

4. M.P Shah Hospital

This cancer centre in Nairobi provides chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment that meet the highest international standards, cutting down the requirement to travel abroad to receive cancer treatment. They have installed the latest chemo shield equipment from the USA for their day care chemotherapy unit. The cancer centre of M.P Shah hospital has ultramodern and sophisticated equipment. The cancer team of the hospital consists of the best oncologist in Kenya and expert radiographers.

5. Nairobi Radiotherapy & Cancer Centre

One of the leading healthcare centres of Kenya, Nairobi Radiotherapy & Cancer Centre excel at providing integrative and personalized cancer care treatment. To address the healthcare needs of cancer patients, they provide affordable and effective radiotherapy as well as oncology services. They offer targeted cancer therapies to block the growth and spread of cancer cells. Parallelly they provide nutrition, diet and counselling services to ensure that cancer patients revive their health soon.

6. Varian

They believe in providing intelligent cancer care treatment that helps patients beat cancer. Working towards realizing the vision of a world without the fear of cancer, they have introduced AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled cancer treatment. It takes just 15 minutes from setup to delivery for this radiation oncology personalized cancer care delivery system to complete an adaptive treatment.

7. Cytecare

This cancer centre provides highly specialized, modern diagnostic services, treatment and care to cancer patients. Each cancer patient experiences the illness in a different way. Therefore, this centre provides personalized treatment to all its patients. It has a multidisciplinary team of clinicians that ensures that their patients fight cancer the right way.

8. Lyfboat

The cancer centre with ultramodern and sophisticated cancer treatment equipment provides treatment at affordable rates. Due to this, it has emerged as one of the most preferred and popular destinations around the globe to avail of the best treatment facilities.

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