Top 5 Corrugated Box Manufacturers In India

Nothing beats good quality corrugated boxes when it comes to secure packaging. The boxes have zigzag paper lines between the two layers to create air columns. These air columns not only make the boxes thicker, but sturdier as well. The air columns also make the boxes cushiony, which is an added benefit.

Unbreakable products can be packed in anything, but when it comes to fragile and precious things, packaging matters a lot. Low quality boxes can themselves break and make the product prone to damage. Protective boxes make it easy to store and send easy to break goods. The corrugated boxes work best in such cases. The thickness makes them long lasting, and the softness keeps the products safe inside the box.  

The demand for secure packaging has improved with more and more people switching to online shopping. Moreover, corrugated boxes have always been a necessity when it comes to packaging. If you are someone who needs to send parcels of delicate items such as glass products, clothing, and other easy to damage products, you must be well aware of the benefits of corrugated boxes. 

If you haven’t found the best corrugated manufacturer in India yet, search no more. We have created a list of top 5 corrugated box manufacturers in India. The list contains corrugated box manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Tamilnadu, and other parts of the country. 

1. Canpac Trends Pvt. Ltd.

A renowned packaging brand from Ahmedabad, Canpac is the first choice of people all over the country. The company was founded by Mr Nilesh Todi with a goal to serve the best packaging products in India. Their focus on self development and hard work has made them two corporate zones in Gujarat and Tamilnadu respectively. 

The company has manufactured flexible packaging solutions since 2011. They create luxury bags, corrugated boxes, sturdy cartons, and much more. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing high quality packaging products. The company deserves to be called the best corrugated box manufacturing company in India. 

What makes them stand out from others is their dedication towards customer satisfaction. The brilliant team at Canpac trends focuses on creating designs that convey your brand message through packaging. The company also offers you printing and manufacturing services so that you don’t have to seek another place for half of the job. 

This is not it as the company promises and delivers high quality products. They offer you customised solutions and always meet deadlines. The company owns a large infrastructure to fulfil bulk orders. The brand works for customer satisfaction, and that’s why they have so many loyal customers. 

2.Multi Pack

From starting as a small venture to reaching all heights of success, multi pack deserves to be in the list. The company came into existence in 1986, and since then the time has proved their talent and hard work. The company offers customised packaging solutions to its customers. 

Multi Pack is a great place to order high quality corrugated boxes. You can purchase in bulk, and the team will get them ready on time. The team is supportive and always listens to your queries. 

3.Hariwansh Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

The third in the list is Hariwansh packaging. The brand was established by Mr Vijay Murarka in 1925 to offer packaging services. The brand manufactures a variety of packaging products and enjoys great fame for its high quality corrugated boxes. The team can fulfil bulk orders without compromising on quality, and that makes them a great fit. 

The company also offers designing and customisation services to its customers. The amazing team of the company understands your needs and always offers you something outstanding.

4.Trident Paper Box Industries

The craftsman of qualitative packaging, trident packaging venture is a team of highly skilled and experienced people. The company entered the packaging market in 1983. Under the guidance of Mr Hardik Desai, the company acquired immense success with each passing year. 

The brand is famous for its customised corrugated sheets, boxes, and cartons. You can order their packaging products in bulk, and everything will reach you on time. The quality of the products manufactured by Trident Paper Box Industries is undoubtedly excellent. 

5.Kapco Packaging Company

Kapco emerged as a packaging venture in 1988. The Delhi based startup gained tremendous support from customers because of its high quality packaging solutions. The brand manufactures various types of packaging in different sizes depending on the requirements of the customer. What makes them count in this list is their high quality corrugated boxes. 

The company works for customer satisfaction, and that’s why they respect your choices. They accept both small and bulk orders and deliver quality on your doorstep. 

Half of your job is already done when you end up with a great company. These five corrugated box manufacturers are the best in the country. Explore them and go with the one that suits your requirements. 

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