Top 7 Things You Should Know When Hiring a Forklift

Top 7 Things You Should Know When Hiring a Forklift

You must check various aspects before picking hiring a forklift. So many companies are into forklift rental Sydney. You must do enough research before selecting one. Many people do not know what they have to consider when hiring a firm that is in Sydney forklifts.

So many forklifts are available in the market. If you are not careful enough, you might pick the wrong one. Here are seven tips of steps that you need to check when looking out to forklift hire Sydney.

Type of the ForkLifts

Type of the ForkLifts

Since there are several types of forklifts that are available, you should pick one that best suits your needs or requirements. Here are some of the common forklifts that people or companies hire: 

  • Electric Rider Forklift- Electric rider forklift comes in two types — stand up the rider and one with sit down configuration. Stand up rider is best if the operator has to get down from the machine multiple times in an hour.
  • Piggy Back Forklift – These are forklifts that can store the equipment on their back and lock them up.
  • Narrow Aisle – You can use this equipment to go around the warehouse with ease without disturbing the shelves

Know the Specifications


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It is crucial for you to understand what kind of equipment is apt for your requirements. You need to check the capacity of load that a forklift can lift. Check how much height the fork can go up or down. These things are vital to know if you want to avoid major accidents that can damage the goods or merchandise that you are using. 

Check if the forklift has all the necessary features that you are looking for such as backup alarms, mirrors, headlights and so forth before you hire one of the Sydney forklifts.

Know the Rental Charges

Rental Charges

Now, this is crucial for you to check before going for a forklift hire Sydney.  Check how much a company is going to charge you for renting a forklift truck and if there are any additional fees on batteries, charger, etc. Having knowledge of these things will avoid any unnecessary surprises on a later date. 

Documents in Hand

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Companies that rent out forklifts need certain documents to set your account and to rent you out the forklift trucks. Ensure that you have the following documents in hand before approaching them:

  • W-9 Form
  • An Insurance Certificate
  • Credit application that is duly filled and signed

Learn About the Supplier

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It is crucial for you to learn everything about the company that is willing to give Sydney forklifts for rent. Check if they have enough equipment and if they have a good name in the market. Check the reviews to get a gist of how good this company is before hiring them. 

Enter Into a Contract

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It is wise to have a contract or an agreement for forklift hire Sydney. Prepare one or use one they are already using. Read it thoroughly. Add clauses that you think are necessary and delete ones that you think are not necessary. 

Support They Provide

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Understand the support a company is going to offer you before partnering with them. Get the customer support number and other crucial information. This way, you know how to get the forklift truck repaired or serviced. 

These are the things you need to consider when looking out for forklift rental Sydney

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