It’s time to know more about IVF treatment in Nairobi Kenya and costs

What is IVF treatment?

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Every couple wants their own child, but, unfortunately, not all of them are blessed with parenthood. Because these days many couples are suffering from infertility issues and as a result, they can’t become parents naturally. Medical science has shown an astonishing growth over the past few years and many achievements have done which made many things possible. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the medical procedures which applies to the couples who can’t achieve pregnancy easily or naturally. IVF is a procedure where eggs and sperms are combined to achieve fertilization in a medical lab. The entire treatment is carried out under the supervision of fertility experts who have sound extraordinary skills and experience in this field. There are many IVF clinics in Nairobi who offer the best IVF treatment in Nairobi Kenya to the patients who desperately want to become parents.

What are the chances of getting pregnant with IVF?

These days modern couples are focusing more on their career and as a result, they opt for late marriage and pregnancy. Because of late marriage infertility is increasing rapidly. But there are also other factors which are responsible for infertility. That’s why many couples are looking for IVF to achieve their parenthood.  But there are certain factors which determine the chances of getting pregnant with IVF.


As per the opinion of fertility specialists or embryologists, women who are under 35 have more chances to get pregnant through IVF than those who are above 40 years.


Sedentary lifestyle along with smoking, drinking, and drug addiction can lessen your chances of getting pregnant through IVF. You should quit smoking and drinking if you want to become pregnant through IVF treatment. You also should avoid taking drugs because this can lessen your chance of becoming pregnant through IVF.


You need to manage your body weight carefully if you want to become pregnant with IVF. If required, lose some extra pounds to increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Earlier pregnancy:

If you were pregnant earlier, then it will automatically uplift your chance of getting pregnant for the second time.

Kenya offers the best and the latest IVF treatment at affordable prices to the patients. The success rate of IVF treatment in Nairobi Kenya is nearly 70-80% for women who are under 35 years old. This number is quite impressive and high as compared to the other developed countries. The chances of getting pregnant or IVF success rate depends on which clinic you have chosen for your treatment and how many embryos are transferred. According to Dr Wanyoike Gichuhi (a senior lecturer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Nairobi), Kenya has nearly 2000 IVF babies till now.

Cost of IVF treatment in Nairobi Kenya

Though IVF treatment brings a smile to the chunk of parents, still, this is a costly treatment. Not all couple can’t afford this treatment. Kenya is a European country where IVF treatment cost is quite reasonable and affordable. The basic IVF treatment cost in Nairobi Kenya starts from USD 3300 to USD 4500. The treatment plan includes medications, ultrasounds, blood work, hormonal injection, fertility drugs, egg retrieval procedure, fertilization, lab charges, and the step of choosing best embryo to transfer in the womb of the recipient. The IVF treatment depends on the infertility issue of the couple. If a couple goes for donor eggs or donor sperm, the charges will automatically increase.

Best IVF Centres in Nairobi Kenya

1. Wings IVF hospital (

Wings IVF hospital

This is a famous IVF centre in Kenya which is equipped with the latest fertility services. The hospital is specialized in treatments like freeze all embryos, PGS/PGD, ERA and DNA Fragmentation tests. The hospital is guided by a team of doctors, specialists, and other medical staff who ensure that the patients will get the best fertility treatment services in Kenya.

2. Lifebridge fertility clinic:

Lifebridge fertility clinic

This clinic offers excellent fertility services along with immense care and knowledge. Their fertility treatment services are laparoscopy, IUI, IVF, ET, ICSI, sperm retrieval, PESA, TESA, assisted Hatching, freezing (embryo/ sperm/ oocyte), a donation (sperm/egg/ embryo), and surrogacy.

3. Nairobi IVF centre (

Nairobi IVF centre

This is an eminent IVF clinic that established in 2004 to provide extraordinary fertility to the patients who want to become parents through IVF treatment. The doctors and specialists of the centre possess unprecedented knowledge and skills and always use the latest technology to offer the best treatment to the patients. They offer treatments like egg and Sperm donation, embryo and sperm cryopreservation, intrauterine inseminations (IUI), ovulation induction and many more.

4. Mediheal Diagnostic and fertility centre (

Mediheal Diagnostic and fertility centre

Established in 2006, this is a full-fledged and customized diagnostic and fertility centre in Nairobi Kenya. They always give their best to bring the patients in their normal lives by solving their infertility issues.

5. Aga Khan University hospital (

Aga Khan University hospital

Because of their amazing fertility treatment, this clinic is popular among the local people. You will be guided by an experienced medical with the highest standard of healthcare so that you can overcome your fertility issues. They are specialized in treatments like IVF, IUI, TESA, PESA, surgical hysteroscopy, gynecologic laparoscopy etc.

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