Top 10 Chemotherapy Day Care Centres in Nairobi Kenya

Top 10 Chemotherapy Day Care Centres in Nairobi Kenya

The duration of cancer treatment is generally long. The patients have to visit cancer centres frequently for the chemotherapy sessions. The bright side is that the patients do not need to stay in the hospital after a chemotherapy session. They can walk-in, get the treatment and walk out. It is essential to choose the day care centre very carefully. If you are not satisfied with the facilities provided by the centre, you will have to change it midway, which is not advisable from the medical point of view. Therefore, considering various factors, patients and their relatives should choose a chemotherapy centre that fulfils all their requirements. Here we have prepared a list of Chemotherapy Day Care Centres Kenya which will help you choose the best out of all. Worried about the Cost of Chemotherapy in Kenya? These centres provide treatment at affordable rates.

1. NephroMed Medical Centre

NephroMed Medical Centre runs a sophisticated chemotherapy day care centre in Kenya. This NHIF accredited facility offers advanced medical treatment at affordable rates. The staff of the centre is patient-friendly and the chemotherapy is done under the able guidance of oncologist and experienced nurses in a safe and secure environment. The medicines prescribed and administered here are extremely safe as they are approved by the pharmacy and Poison Board for Kenya. The centre uses medicines only from the authorized companies, assuring the highest standards of quality. Amidst all, NephroMed definitely emerges as the best Chemotherapy Day Care Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

Contact : 2nd Floor, Williamson House, 4th Ngong Avenue Nairobi, Kenya
Phone Number: +254 737 787878, +254 792 787878

2. Nairobi Hospital

This is one of the oldest hospitals in Kenya. The hospital has an efficient team of highly-qualified professionals. Over the years, they have earned their patients’ trust and goodwill. They have dedicated nursing staff that provides professional care in a friendly and comfortable environment. They offer cancer screenings and chemotherapy treatments.

Contact: Nairobi Hospital, Argwings Khodek Road, Nairobi
Phone Number: +254 703082000

3. Nairobi Women’s Hospital

They offer effective gynecologic oncology testing and treatment at reasonable treatment. With a mission to eradicate cancer occurring in women, they offer free breast screening and fee-based cervical screenings.

Contact: Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Hurlingham, Nairobi
Phone Number: +254709 667 000

4. M.P. Shah Hospital

This is one of the best hospitals for diagnosis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. The centre is equipped with advanced equipment to treat cancer patients. Over the years, the centre has maintained a good track record in successful cancer treatment.

Contacts: M.P. Shah Hospital/Cancer Care Kenya, Shivachi Road, Parklands, Nairobi
Phone Number: +254 20 4291 100

5. Nairobi Hospice

Cancer patients need not only medical support but also emotional and mental support. This charitable organization, established in 1988 understands this very well. They not only provide outpatient and home-based palliative care for cancer and terminal illnesses but also help patients and their family members deal with distressing symptoms associated with the illness by providing effective counselling and training.

Contacts: Nairobi Hospice, Kenyatta National Hospital Complex, Hospital Road, Nairobi
Phone Number: +254732690077, +254110095788

6. Texas Cancer Centre

This is one of the best centres for cancer screening and treatment services. The medical staff here works with a community-based approach. They ensure that cancer patients do not feel isolated. By making them mentally and emotionally strong, Texas care centre also focuses on boosting patient’s physical health through advanced medical treatment.

Contacts: Mbagathi Way, Keri Road, Nairobi West, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone Number: 0716279632

7. Tenwek Mission Hospital

Tenwek Mission Hospital is known for gynecologic oncology treatment. They offer limited screening and cancer treatment services. The rare kind of cancers like oesophageal cancer that develops in the food pipe is being treated here. The centre also offers palliative care services for cancer and other terminal illnesses.

Contacts: Bomet County, Kenya, P.O Box 39-20400 Bomet, Kenya
Phone Number: +254 20 2045542, +254728091900

8. Kijabe Mission Hospital

Kijabe has earned a reputation for successfully treating several breast cancer patients. In addition to that, the centre also provides treatment for Kaposi’s sarcoma and surgically treatable cervical cancer. Basic treatment facilities like cancer screening, chemotherapy and surgical treatment are also available at Kijabe. The centre further provides palliative care treatment.

Contacts: Kijabe Mission Hospital, P.O. Box 20, Kijabe 00220
Phone Number: 0709728200

9. Agha Khan University Hospital

Cancer can be cured if diagnosed in the early stage. Agha Khan University Hospital is one of the best places to get cancer screening done. Their diagnosis is accurate and they provide effective chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. The hospital also offers palliative and rehabilitation programs.

Contacts: 3rd Parklands Avenue, Limuru Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone Number: +254 (0) 20366 2000, 20374 0000

10. Coast General Hospital

If you are looking for a cancer screening centre in the coastal region of Kenya, Coast General Hospital is the right place to go. The centre also provides chemotherapy and surgery treatments.

Contacts: #90231-80100, Kisauni Road, Mombasa
Phone Number:  +254 (0) 722 207 868

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