Why is the guitar the best instrument

The guitar is a very trendy and conspicuous music instrument because of its versatility, affordability, and looks. Moreover, this is a polyphonic instrument which means you can play it solo or accompanied by a group. Guitar is very close to the heart of musicians who are ardent of music lovers. There are many popular guitar shops in Brisbane which are offering a wide range of guitars to the music aficionado.

What are the reasons behind the popularity of the guitar?

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Many music shops in Brisbane sells a variety of guitars as per the customers’ choice. But why the guitar is called the best music instrument? Let’s dig it.
· Versatility: Guitar is 100% a versatile instrument and with it, you can play all different types of music. By using acoustic or electric guitar, you can play rock, jazz, funk, reggae, and many more. So, when it comes to the choice of music, the options are endless with the guitar.
· Pattern: Guitar is a very pattern-based instrument. It means that you can learn one guitar shape for one chord and then, move it around the neck to make different chords. Same goes with scales, so it’s all about just shapes and patterns.
· Polyphonic: Indubitably, the guitar is a polyphonic instrument. This means you can play more than one note at a time and play a full chord.
· Easy to learn: Guitar is an instrument which you can learn easily. There are many YouTube videos where experts will teach you everything from different styles, to practice tips, to songwriting, etc. Apart from online, many professionals offer guitar classes to aspiring music learners.
· Therapeutic: Guitar is a therapeutic instrument. Playing the guitar will certainly improve your mental health and will also lessen your agony, anxiety, and pain.
· Cool Look: While holding a guitar, everyone looks attractive and fashionable.

Why playing the guitar is good for your mental health?

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Playing the guitar will certainly improve your overall health including mental health also. You will feel more energized, composed and focused.
· Playing guitar is a therapy: Many schools, health organizations, and charities are now using guitar therapy to manage a person’s anxiety, enhance their memory, improve their communication and skills. Playing the guitar will help a person to cope with life in a better way.
· Improves your heart: A plethora of scientists in the Netherlands established a link between music practice and blood pressure. According to their study, patients who practised playing guitar 100 minutes a day showed a significant drop in blood pressure and a lower heart rate compared to those who didn’t practise playing the guitar.
· Enhances your creativity: Guitar is an instrument which unleashes your creativity. If you want to write a song, just pick up the guitar and noodling around for a few minutes. You will certainly get ideas and words for your song.
· Boost your confidence: Once you learn how to play the guitar, it will automatically improve your confidence and self-esteem. Now you can easily perform in front of a family member, a mate, some potential guests or even an audience.
· Can express your feelings: If you are an introvert person who can’t express his/her feeling, then you must learn how to play the guitar. Because many renowned guitarists feel that by playing the guitar, they can easily express their feelings in front of others.

How learning to play guitar benefits your children?


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If your child is fond of playing the guitar, then you can purchase it from many reputed music stores in Brisbane. But playing the guitar provides a chunk of benefits to your children.
· Learning guitar teaches discipline: Every parent wants their children should be disciplined and well-organized. Learning to play the guitar requires because many intricate motor skills and mental skills which will be developed successfully if you know how to play the guitar. This is not the case with every instrument and that’s why learning guitar is essential for every child.
· Builds self-confidence: Learning how to play the guitar is very important for a child’s self-confidence. That’s because learning guitar develops skills that they can see and hear very quickly. These make them feel good and proficient.
· Builds social development: The guitar is a musical instrument which has a prominent place in our society. If your child can play it, then it puts your child in a position to benefit from it socially for their whole lives. Moreover, it also opens new opportunities for your child and also helps him in making a scintillating career in the field of music.
· Increases overall brain development: Music always opens new pathways in the brain. The more your children will be exposed to learning to play the guitar the more these pathways help enable and facilitate other types of learning.

Hope the above information gave you enough idea about why the guitar is the best musical instrument. If you want to purchase a guitar for you or your family member, then you must visit some popular guitar shops in Brisbane.

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