Top 10 Best Air Conditioning Services in Adelaide


Finding the best Air Conditioning Service in Adelaide is not an easy task and can be daunting before you even get started as there are so many companies that provide these services in Adelaide.

Don’t waste your precious time, we have found the solution for you and narrowed down the top 10 Air Conditioning in Adelaide companies! These are the companies to put on your call list if you encounter a problem with your air conditioning system and find one that’s right for you.

1. Air Conditioning Adelaide

With over 20 years of experience, Air conditioning Adelaide is an air conditioning maintenance and repairs services company that has an excellent name and reputation. They have expert AC consultants and technicians working with them and they charge a reasonable rate to fix your air conditioning problems. They also have a friendly staff and excellent customer service that sets them apart from the rest.

Contact Information: (08) 8281 9955 /                  


2. Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

One of the most trusted air conditioning services companies in Adelaide. While they take care of the supply of the equipment, they also provide services such as maintenance and repairs. With more than 13 years of experience in this industry, Airfix Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning also have an expert team of technicians that backs them.

Contact Information: 1800 247 349 /


3. Comfort Air Conditioning and Electrical

With a great name and reputation to uphold, Comfort Air Conditioning and Electrical say they have a plethora of customers that are happy with their services. Specializing in installations and servicing of the air conditioning systems, this company is great for your comfort needs!

Contact Information: (08) 8120 0321 /


4. SS Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services

They have more than 27 years of experience under their belt and provide an array of services to their customers. They have the experience and expertise to look after commercial and domestic systems and provide a one-point solution for air conditioning repair and service-related issues.

Contact Information: 0412 810 130


5. Cooler Than Me

Another quality and professional air conditioning service and repair company in Adelaide. Cooler Than I provides installations, service, and maintenance to their clients, along with system design services that suit you.

Contact Information: 0458 212 213 /


6. Andrew Belsak Electrical And Air Conditioning

A unique husband and wife business that has gained a stellar reputation in Adelaide. While they are available night and day, they are also qualified electricians and air conditioning technicians that can help with any job.

Contact Information: 0448 458 975 /



7. Star Plus Group – Air Conditioning

With over 50 years of experience, they are one of the famous companies that offer air conditioning services in AdelaideStar Plus is available 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Apart from air conditioning service they provide a variety of other services.

Contact Information: 08 7223 2309


8. Mr. Clean Air

One of the few companies in Adelaide that provide a ten-year warranty on all the installations they provide. The company offers many unique services and is one of the companies that people trust.

Contact Information: 0418 661 120 /


9. Big Fan Air Conditioning

A company that deals with services with Air Conditioning in Adelaide and has the best name and reputationThis company has qualified staff and technicians while handling repairs of all the major brands.

Contact Information: 0438 630 943


10. Glenelg Air

A trusted air conditioning repair and service company in Adelaide’s south. They provide a wide range of services to their clients and specialize in the installation, repair, and service maintenance works. It is a professional company that is one of the authorized Daikin Specialist Dealer.

Contact Information: (08) 8350 9222 /


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