Top 10 AngularJS development companies in India

Over the past few years, AngularJS has evolved rapidly and today, it is completely flexible, extendable, and highly compatible with other libraries. Developed by Google developers, AngularJS is the most preferred choice for web development by the developers. This is because it simplifies as well as elevates the time of the development process. If you want to build mobile and web applications using AngularJS, you need to hire AngularJS developers from the best development companies in India.
In this article, we are going to mention the top 10 AngularJS companies in India.   

1. HorizonCore

Established in 2007, HorizonCore is an eminent AngularJS development company in India. The company has a team of talented AngularJS developers who always use the latest technologies and cutting-edge tools to offer the best AngularJS development services to the clients who are looking for this service. AngularJS services that are offered by HorizonCore are custom web & app development, content management system, plug-ins development, portal development, dynamic web application development, custom widget development, e-commerce & shopping cart development and AngularJS consulting. The company has nearly 13 years of experience in web and mobile application development using AngularJS. You can hire AngularJS developers from HorizonCore to complete your dream project. HorizonCore has a strong client base across the globe, including countries like the UK, Netherlands, Australia, France, Japan, the US, Hong Kong, and Kenya. The company offers a wide range of solution to all kind of businesses (from MSME to big enterprises). Some of the esteemed clients of HorizonCore are Soapsplash, Liberty Book, Inbox, Rosefield Watches, and many more.

Founder:– Pinakin Soni
Founded:- 2007
Services Offered:- Web and software development, Mobile APP development, Web Designing development, eCommerce web development, Integration / Customization
Key Clients:- Liberty Live Coaching Application, Rosefield, Les Coyotes de Paris, Perditi, Roger Laviale
Google Reviews:- 13 reviews
Locations:- India, USA, Netherlands, Canada
Phone Number:- +1 844 511 7664 (Toll Free), +91 98980 22367 (INDIA), +1 844 511 7664 (USA), +44 20 3290 7664 (UK), +1 (844) 511 7664(Canada)

2. Hidden Brains

This is another reputed company in the field of AngularJS development. The company uses the latest technologies and tools and provides solution across various domains including retail, healthcare, travel, hospitality, e-learning, oil & gas, and transportation. The company has the best and experienced AngularJS developers who provide the best solutions to materialize your business concepts into successful web and mobile applications in a customized way. Their AngularJS services are AngularJS app upgrade & maintenance, dynamic web application development, enterprises app development, custom widget development, and custom AngularJS development.

Founder:- Vikash Chhawchharia, Vishal Chhawchharia, Ram Chhawchharia
Founded:- 2003
Services Offered:- Microsoft Enterprise Services, Custom Web Application Development Services, Mobile APP development, Blockchain Development Solutions
Google Reviews:- 75 reviews
Key Clients:- FabAlley, Catwalk88, Virtual Classroom
Locations:- India, USA, UK, Europe, Australia
Phone Number:- 91-989-802-1433(India), +61 2 6145 2066(Australia), +1 323-908-3492(USA), +44 (0)20-7993-2188(UK), +34 93-802-3010(Europe)

3. Angular Minds

Angular Minds is a much-established name in the field of web development especially AngularJS development. The company is equipped with the best and dexterous AngularJS developers who provide seamless, user-friendly and customized applications. Their AngularJS services are AngularJS cross-platform development, AngularJS app design & development, AngularJS QA & testing, and support, maintenance & optimization. By providing the best and efficient business solutions, they are helping the clients to connect to their business strategy.

Founder:- Sagar Mahajan
Founded:- 2011
Services Offered:- Web Development Services, Mobile App Development Services, Business Enterprises Services, Quality Assurance Services
Google Reviews:- 109 reviews
Key Clients:- Womans comfort, Mapro, Purple attire, Product dossier
Locations:- India, USA
Phone Number:- 91 9096932144 (India), +1 (619) 752 3485 (USA)

4. Collonmade

Collonmade is a brand name in the software development industry. It is well known for its quality in coding. It has extensive experience and expertise in AngularJS development and Website development using cutting edge technologies. Collonmade provides the most cost-effective and high-quality angular app development services. They have an expert team of web & mobile app developers.

Founded:- 2016
Services Offered:- Web Development, Mobile App Development, Angular JS Development, Pwa Development, Chatbot  Development
Google Reviews:- 35 reviews
Key Clients:- Agea Akkam Global Educational Assistance, MTBDoz, DealSquad, Nexgen
Locations:- India
Phone Number:- +91 70962 21959

5. Techavidus

With the extremely proficient and experienced team, Techavidus always try to provide the best AngularJS development solutions to their clients. Their developers offer readable, efficient, and expressive AngularJS solutions to the clients. The company uses the latest technologies and cutting-edge tools to offer the best solutions. Their AngularJS services are AngularJS application, design, migration services, web application development, web application upgrade & maintenance, custom widgets development, e-commerce & shopping cart development, and AngularJS consulting.

Founded:- 2016
Services Offered:- Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Development, E-commerce Applications, Cross-Platform Application, UI/UX Design
Google Reviews:- 32 reviews
Key Clients:- Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solution, Food Delivery Application, Online Compliance and Fire Inspection Reporting
Locations:- India, USA
Phone Number:- 91 942 743 2489 , +91 738 388 5555(India), +1 (603) 835 3130(USA)

6. Vervelogic

Vervelogic has established its name in the field of AngularJS development with its unparalleled services and the best solutions for a web application. The company provides interactive and data-driven web and mobile applications using the AngularJS framework. All the AngularJS developers of the company have exceptional knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Their AngularJS services are personalized widgets development, AngularJS application design, dynamic web application development, maintenance & upgradation, e-commerce development, and AngularJS consulting.

Founder:- Mr Abhishek Jain
Founded:- 2012
Services Offered:- Website Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, E-commerce Development
Google Reviews:- 222 reviews
Key Clients:- Hotel Saffron Crest, Ukada, WoodIn, Bond & Bury
Locations:- India, USA, UK, Brazil
Phone Number:- 91-141-2704170 (India), (813)(864)(4824) (USA), (646)(583)(0450) (USA), 44 20 7193 3731 (UK), 55 55 8454-6444 (Brazil)

7. Metadesign Solutions

With 7 years of experience, their AngularJS developers can easily create custom solutions for both start-ups and big enterprises. Their AngularJS development services are, web application development, AngularJS QA and testing, mobile application development, single page application development, Migration, and Maintenance & support. The applications that are made by their developers will certainly meet contemporary standards and represents what you want to portray in front of your audiences.

Founder:- Sunil Goyal
Founded:- 2007
Services Offered:- Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Frontend Development, Game Development, Enterprise Solutions
Google Reviews:- 141 reviews
Key Clients:- ANCHOR, Jobdroid, Click My Cause, EasyWin Games
Locations:- India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia
Phone Number:- 91-96-50-700555 (India), +61-731-800-630 (Australia), +1-917-728-1770 (Canada), +1-917-728-1770 (USA), +44-208-089-9360 (UK)

8. Sparx IT Solutions

This is a reputed AngularJS development company which has completed 700+ AngularJS projects over 50+ countries. The company offers a wide range of AngularJS development services including AngularJS consulting, app development, migration services, e-commerce application development, real-time app development, enterprise app development and social & interactive app development.

Founder:- Prashant Sengar, Rohit Choudhary
Founded:- 2007
Services Offered:- Web design, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, eCommerce development, Game Development
Google Reviews:- 355 reviews
Key Clients:- Supergas, Coveti, Diyaonline, Bodyscapeyoga, Spareshub, Venuehub
Locations:- India, USA
Phone Number:- 91-(120) 473-5100, +1(917).775.9550, +1(775).430.7284(USA), +1(775).430.7284(USA)

9. Adit Microsys

Founded in 1993, they are a top-notch AngularJS development company in India. Till now, they have developed a chunk of mobile and web applications which are highly secure, robust, scalable, and easy to maintain. Their AngularJS developers have in-depth knowledge and experience in building dynamic web applications. All the developers of the company use the latest and advanced technologies and offer brilliant AngularJS development services to the clients.

Founded:- 1993
Services Offered:- Web Application Development, Mobile Applications Development, E-Commerce Portals, Website Design Services, Digital Marketing, eLearning and Development
Google Reviews:- 43 reviews
Key Clients:- AccqData, HDFC Loan Application & Management System, Tiles Corner, Sol Mobiles Pvt. Ltd, Neo Automation, Einfochips
Locations:- India
Phone Number:- 91-79-666 13045/ 46/ 47, 079 – 6777 9733(HR)

10. CSS Chopper

 By using the latest tools and technologies, the company has established itself as a full-fledged AngularJS development company in India. Their AngularJS services are AngularJS custom app design, AngularJS web application development, plugin development, migration services, custom widgets development, real-time chat apps, AngularJS cross-platform development, chatbot application development, e-commerce shopping cart development, and AngularJS QA & testing. The company has more than 10 years of experience with 100% client satisfaction rate.

Founded:- 2007
Services Offered:- Web Development, AngularJS web application development
Google Reviews:- 37 reviews
Key Clients:- Duracell, Hyundai, Coca-Cola, BMW, Amdocs, Intel
Locations:- India, USA
Phone Number:- 91.1204.735.100 (Dial Extn. 2 or 3), +1(775).430.7284 (USA), +1(917) 775-9550 (USA)

Hope, the above list will help you to hire the best AngularJS developers from a reputed development company. If you want to impress with your customers with an amazing AngularJS mobile or web application, hire AngularJS developers from HorizonCore. You can also visit the website of HorizonCore to know more about the services and prices.


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