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Progressive Web Apps – Here is what you need to know about them

Mobile development and its growth in the world is undisputed. The smartphone users are increasing day by day and a survey confirmed that users spend 70% of their time using mobile internet. On the top of it, search engines like Google are helping the users with as easy features as they can to keep the customers attached to them.

What is noteworthy here is, a survey said that an average user spends 4.5 hours daily on his mobile phone and out of this time, he spends 3.5 hours on using the various mobile applications. This is quite a figure and this displays how mobile apps are important and valuable for the individuals today.

Now that being said, we would like to tell you something about the progressive web apps. If you are already familiar with the development of mobile apps, you must have heard of them. The users, as well as developers, love these apps. In simple words, the progressive web apps are nothing but the mobile web apps that easily run on a mobile browser. The mobile web applications faced a drawback as compared to the native apps that users could not use them offline and they did not have great features like push notifications.

With the development of progressive apps, these drawbacks have been overcome. These apps are developed by the progressive web app development company using the latest technology, recent web APIs and an amazing design concept.

Why there was a need for progressive web apps?

Well, all such mobile apps are developed with an aim to enhance the user experience and the progressive web apps are here for the same reason. We know that as compared to the mobile web apps, people preferred the native apps as the latter were easier to operate and navigate.

However, there are many users who do not wish to install the native apps and the simplest reason could be they are short of phone memories. This led to the rise in demand of an app that works like a native app but does not consume any storage apps. The development of progressive apps solved the problem.

Installing a progressive app on your home screen

It is very easy to install a progressive web app on your home screen. You first need to visit the website of your brand, you will be prompted to add the URL to your home screen. Once you click on a yes, it will go straight to your home page. When you click to open it, it will look like a browser but without any IP address on the address bar.

The Working of Progressive Web Apps

The progressive web apps work on the RAIL model derived by Google. RAIL stands for Response, Animation, Idel and Load

The progressive web app development companies use the technology called Service Worker, which is very robust and powerful. This technology enables the app to be used offline, send push notifications, helps in background content updating and content caching.

However, understanding these Service Workers is very complex and confusing. The technology works behind the scene.

One more technology that is helping the progressive web apps is App Shell. It is an amazing design concept that facilitates the App Shell to load first and the content later. When the design and content are cached individually, it improves the performance and usability of the app.

Benefits of the Progressive web app

You will definitely connect with your progressive web app development company once you go through the amazing advantages of these apps. We have summed the benefits as:

  1. These apps do not need any load time.
  2. They are responsive on all the devices used.
  3. They are progressive means they can work on any browser.
  4. These are the best apps delivered to the user till date.
  5. They come with an auto-update feature
  6. They are cross-platform apps
  7. These are cost-effective.

We can say that not many brands are aware of the benefits of these progressive web apps but the potential of these apps will surely take them to the doorstep of each mobile user in the world soon.

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