Top 7 Aged Care Software Vendors in Australia

Top 7 Aged Care Software Vendors in Australia

The aged care industry have seen tremendous improvements and technological advancements in the past few years. Out of all the technological advancements, one notable improvement was the introduction of aged care software systems. Now, you would ask, why am I saying so?

To revert to your query, I would like to bring to your notice the rigorous pain the aged care staff used to go through while updating every minute detail about an aged care resident manually. With the invention of aged care software systems, the manual paperwork was reduced considerably resulting in efficiency, accuracy, and quality in the aged care industry. The software came as a blessing to the aged care staff who are now more dedicated to providing quality care to their elderly residents.

Here are the top 7 aged care software vendors in Australia who are doing a great job by offering this amazing technology to the aged care staff:

1. HDStech – Leading aged care software provider in Australia

HDS Tech is one of the leading aged care software systems providers in Australia and it is utilizing all the latest technologies to ease the life of aged care staff and businesses. The owners and post bearers of HDS Tech are industry veterans and technical experts. The aged care vendor has bestowed the aged care industry with awesome feature-packed software that addresses the issues related to documentation, food labeling, and safety concerns. If you are looking for a holistic vendor who can provide you with solutions for food labeling, consulting, monitoring, online ordering, catering and so on, HDS Tech is the right company for you.

Currently, the vendor is catering to a customer base of 500 and they are still counting. The notable software provided are:

  • HDS Dietary System
  • iLabeling
  • iMonitoring
  • Orderline
  • Consulting


2. Epicor

The very company works on different kinds of software for different industries. They are into educational support, consulting, managerial services and so on. By providing excellent varieties of software they have been able to ease out the process of manufacturing, services, and distribution. The company is present in the market past 45 years and their experience speaks about their expertise.


  • Financial Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management


3. Autumn Care

The third in our list is Autumn Care, who is in this industry to conduct extensive research and development. The company kept its first foot in the market with the name of Stuart and started researching the aged care industry by visiting a lot of aged care facilities with an aim to develop a new product that is consistent with the needs of the market.

The most interesting feature of their aged care software is Medicate Two, which aims to ease the administration process.

The other features of their software are:

  • Interactive Training
  • Medicate Two
  • Connect


4. Ecare

ECare is another Australian company, which is providing co-ordinated healthcare and community care solutions to the aged care residents. The company was started with an aim to provide health care solutions for the aged people who are suffering from chronic ailments and syndromes. The software provided by E Care is flexible and affordable. The notable features of their software are:

  • Home Monitoring
  • Assessments
  • Calendar
  • Reminders and Alerts
  • Online Bookings


5. iCare Health

iCare Health is a dedicated aged care vendor providing flexible, affordable and effective nursing and care staff with the required tools to look after the aged residents in a better way. They believe that elderly residents need love and attention and thus, they have developed digital solutions through which the paperwork is sorted and the clinic lets more quality time to spend with the residents.

The features are:

  • Medication Management
  • Mobile Care Worker
  • Clinical & care management


6. Care Systems

Care Systems believe in providing bespoke digital solutions to the aged care facilities. They identify that each aged care facility has their own needs and requirements and hence, they are ready to provide tailor-made software to the care facility on demand. Their focus is on providing the best care to the residents.

The various software provided by the company are:

  • Staff Rostering and Attendance Software
  • Payroll and Human Resources Software
  • Subsidy Management Software


7. Inerva Enabling Aged Care

The best thing about Inerva is that it is dedicated software designed only for Australian aged care. Hence, all the features are developed in accordance with the needs of the Australian aged care industry. Their domain is specific and thus are their customers. They have provided the aged care facilities with a holistic software that includes HR, accounting along with the administration. The software ensures that the complete requirements of aged care workers are complied with.

The main features of the software are:

  • Client Management
  • Human Resource Module
  • Report and Analysis


The aged care industry has definitely taken by a storm in the past few years and the above aged care vendors have played a key role in doing so. These vendors have actually changed the way Australian aged care was perceived a few years back. Things have really improved for the Australian seniles.

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