Packaging-a major factor in sales

Packaging is the first line of communication that establishes your company’s presence in front of the customers and also uplifts your brand image. Your packaging design should be eye-catching and alluring enough to get the attention of your targeted customers. To entice your customers with your product packaging, you should order some corrugated boxes and cartons from reputed corrugated box manufacturers in Ahmedabad. Let’s take a look at how packaging plays an imperative factor in your sales.

Packaging plays an important role in your sales

Improves shopping experience

Your customers don’t only need a product from you, rather they want an enthralling and intriguing experience. Your product packaging provides a certain feeling of excitement to your buyers. The better way you present it, you will get more positive reactions from your customers. If they are impressed with your packaging, they may like to recommend your brand to others or may purchase more in future. An Ipsos survey claimed that 72% of American buyers say their purchasing decision is influenced by the packaging design. To make a better customer experience, always give priority to your product packaging.

Establish your brand identity

Good packaging is a prime way to define and shape your brand identity in the market. Your packaging helps you to create your brand identity in front of your customers.

·        Your packaging establishes a good impression of your product to new customers.

·        It helps your customers to identify your products

·        It gives an identity that segregates you from your contenders.

Improves communication with your customers

Your product packaging speaks on behalf of your company and communicates everything clearly in front of your customers. Some frequent questions from your customers that your product packaging answers are,

·        Who is the product for?

·        How to use the product?

·        Where can I get information about the manufacturer and purchase companion products?

·        Does the product have an expiry date?

·        Why do I purchase this product?

·        How will this product improve my life?

Gives protection

Some products are vulnerable to outside damage. The packaging gives utmost protection to your products from dust, grime, environment, and other outside damages. This ensures that your customers will get the undamaged and unspoiled product. If a customer receives a damaged product, his perception of your company will also be spoiled. Once your customers are satisfied with your products and their packaging, they will purchase more from you in future. This will automatically uplift your sales volume and profit.

Enhances marketing

Good packaging acts as a brand ambassador for you on different social networking sites. This enhances the probability of photos being uploaded on various channels and also attracts the attention of other prospective buyers. So, you should prudently choose your packaging for your products. If you can customize it as per the requirement, then this will positively influence your brand image, product experience, buyers and customer loyalty.

Packaging plays an essential role for companies and their customers. To boost up your sales and profit, you should pay attention to your product packaging.

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