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Pneumonia Control with Oregano Oil

Pneumonia is an infection of the air sacs (alveoli) of the lungs. When fluid or pus enters the alveoli, this blocks the passage and prevents oxygen from entering the blood. Thus, it turns to a severe condition when the patients will be gasping for breath. All pivotal organs of the body may not function properly because they have an inadequate supply of oxygen that they need. Though modern medications are effective in treating pneumonia, the oil of wild oregano is quite beneficial against pneumonia.

Symptoms of pneumonia

·        High fever

·        Persistent cough

·        Chills

·        Chest Pain

·        Breathing difficulty

Doctors have claimed that there are at least 30 different causes of pneumonia. However, the most common causes are mycoplasma, viruses, fungus, bacteria, inhaling chemicals and dust. Some people may get pneumonia after an injury, surgery or remaining immobile for a length of time.

Those who smoke, drink too much alcohol, have HIV/AIDS, asthma and other respiratory problems are more susceptible to get this disease. Pneumonia is common for children under 1-year-old, adults over 65 years old and those who have a compromised immune system.

Treatment for pneumonia

The treatment for pneumonia will depend on what caused it. If it is caused by a bacterial infection, the patients are prescribed to give antibiotics. When viruses are found to be the cause, antiviral drugs are preferable. Fungal treatments are referred to those infected by fungi. In some cases, patients are advised for hospitalization for medical intervention.

Natural treatment for pneumonia

Though medications are useful in treating pneumonia, they still have some side effects. But we are lucky that there is a natural product that is quite effective against pneumonia. This is oregano oil, made of 100% organic substances and flooded with robust antimicrobial substances. It comes from the wild oregano plant that is used for centuries for treating common diseases like colds, cough, fever, indigestion, skin diseases, etc.

Oregano oil contains useful ingredients like phytochemicals, phenols and flavonoids that will act as germ killers. The two prime agents of Oregano oil are carvacrol and thymol. They have the capacity of killing bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Therefore, irrespective of the causes of pneumonia, oregano oil can be used to stop it.

A study was conducted in 2017 and it was found that oregano oil, especially from the leaves of the oregano plant, has strong antioxidant properties. The researchers claimed that oregano oil is useful in treating fevers and respiratory symptoms that are associated with pneumonia.

The researchers have also claimed that this action is likely due to carvacrol which is one of the prime compounds in oregano oil. That’s why oregano oil is effective against pneumonia.

How to use Oregano oil for pneumonia

There are two ways you can use this oregano oil for pneumonia treatment. You can add two drops of oregano oil under your tongue and allow it to be thoroughly mixed with your saliva before swallowing. This can be done three times a day.

Put one or two drops of this oil in a cotton ball and keep it beside your pillow while sleeping. This will allow you to inhale its essence. This will help in unclogging your nasal passage and help you to breathe normally.

Oregano oil is strong and powerful. Thus, it is recommended to start with the smallest possible dose to see how your body responds. If there is no problem, you can slowly increase the dose.

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