Oregano oil for eczema control

Eczema is a popular skin disease where your skin gets inflamed, dry, itchy, and reddish. Though this condition is mild, sometimes it can spread the entire body. In case of severe eczema, your skin will become cracked and feels very parched and painful. Though children are prone to this disease, eczema can happen to anyone at any age. If you have a family history of this disease, you are more susceptible to develop it.

It’s difficult to control severe eczema as it may not respond well to traditional treatments. Thus, you should ask your doctor to prescribe some alternative or complementary treatments. Here comes wild oregano oil Australia which will help you to control your eczema.

Treatment methods for eczema

The common treatment methods for eczema are topical and oral medications. These medicines primarily reduce the severity of itching and inflammation of the skin. Topical creams also rehydrate the skin. Sometimes, oral corticosteroids are prescribed if the condition is acute. But all these topical and oral medications are made up of synthetic drugs and antibiotics that produce a negative impact on your body. Hence, you can’t use them for prolonged periods.

Alternative treatment for eczema

You should opt for better alternative treatment by using oregano oil. This essential oil is a popular antimicrobial agent. A plethora of medical researches have claimed that it can successfully kill several germs including bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, and more. This oil contains a very powerful chemical compound known as carvacrol. Nearly 60-80% of oregano oil consists of this chemical compound.

Several scientists have claimed that this compound (carvacrol) is very effective in controlling pain and inflammation. This oil is also good in controlling the pain and inflammation of arthritis patients. Thus, by using oregano oil, you can easily control the inflammation of skin associated with eczema. Moreover, its pain-relieving property will lessen the pain resulting from the cracked skin.

How to use Oregano oil

·        You may use oregano oil topically to get rid of eczema. Prepare a mixture by using 2 drops of oregano oil along with 5 drops of virgin olive oil. Now, rub this mixture regularly on the affected area of your skin (twice a daily).

·        If your skin is irritated and itchy, you can take oregano oil internally (in the form of oregano capsules). Or you can mix 2-4 drops of oregano oil with your favourite juice or a glass of water and drink it.

Some potential risks of oregano oil

Though oregano oil helps you to control severe eczema, still, there are some risks that you can’t ignore.

Skin irritation: Some chemicals are added during the extraction process that irritates your skin. Thus, dilute oregano oil with a carrier oil and do a patch test before applying it to the skin.

Hormonal disruption: Essential oil like Oregano oil may cause hormonal imbalance. But there is no strong evidence to support this claim.

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