Importance of Bentonite Sulphur in crops and its advantages

Sulphur suppliers in India manufacture and supply more than 20 different varieties of sulphur containing fertilizers and it sometimes becomes a challenge for the farmers to purchase the right one for their crops. Depending upon the requirements of the crops, soil and various other factors, farmers speak sometimes to agronomists to determine the best variety of sulphur fertilizer for their crops. There are many different varieties of sulphur fertilizers available for the farmers and in this article, we will be discussing Sulphur Bentonite fertilizer in detail.

What is Sulphur Bentonite fertilizer

S-bentonite fertilisers have been developed to increase the efficacy of granular elemental S products by including a swelling clay such as bentonite, which is generally 10% by weight. S-bentonite particles are sized to mix with solid N, P, and K fertilisers. When this bentonite component is put to soil, it absorbs moisture, causing fertiliser granules to break down into finely split S, which is transformed to SO4-2 more quickly. Because it supplies elemental S in a suitable physical form that can be transformed readily into the SO4-2 form in soil, this substance has acquired widespread acceptability as a source of plant nutrient S for high analytical, bulk mix formulations.

Because these S-sources have a varying oxidation rate during the first growing season following application, they should be integrated into the soil before planting. Some SO4-2 should be used in the application immediately before sowing and on severely S deficient soils. The use of elemental S fertilisers on a regular basis tends to enhance the population of S-oxidizing bacteria, leading in an increase in the rate of SO4-2 production.

Advantages of Sulphur Bentonite Fertilizers

As discussed earlier sulphur WDG has immense benefits to crops and when it comes to sulphur bentonite fertilizers, it is used widely by the farmers not only in India but across the world too all thanks to its amazing advantages on the soil it is used in. Some of the major advantages of sulphur bentonite fertilizers are below

  • One of the most amazing features of sulphur bentonite is its anti-fungal or fungicide property which is the reason it is able to disinfect the soil making the crops healthier.
  • With the proper usage of sulphur bentonite the integrated nutrients of the soil is released which makes the soil very healthy for the crops. 
  • When sulphur bentonite fertilizers are applied to the soil in adequate quantity, it increases the plant growth as sulphur is considered to be extremely effective in enhancing the synthesis process in plants. 
  • Sulphur application lowers and corrects the PH of alkaline soils, allowing for better absorption of components such as nitrogen, phosphate, and micronutrients, resulting in a unique environment for plant development.
  • Another important advantage of sulphur bentonite fertilizer is that it increases the resistance of plants against coldness and this way the plants remain healthier even during extreme cold conditions
  • When an adequate amount of fertilizers containing sulphur bentonite is applied to the soil, a large amount of sulphur components turn into sulphate and in this way the plant gets the required nutrient of sulphate in abundance. 
  • Another important and unique advantage of sulphur bentonite fertilizer is that it increases the amount of perfume to the crops making them smell good and fresh always. Since this property comes as a result of volatile sulphur components, sulphur bentonite fertilizer enhances the overall property.
  • With the presence of the fertilizer, the crops are able to extract maximum nutrients from the soil again making the crops healthier.  
  • The quality and quantity of pulses in presence of sulphur bentonite fertilizer are increased considerably

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