Best age to play

Best age to play tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and many young children in Dubai and across the world are always interested to join this amazing sport and playing at the international level. Parents who are passionate about tennis want their children/grandchildren to take up tennis initially for the sake of fitness and later on want them to play at higher levels. There are many tennis classes in Dubai and the enthusiasm of children and their parents who are interested in tennis is just an amazing sight. The glamour, popularity, prize money, racquets, the balls and everything related to tennis is quite attractive which is why more and more children are seen joining tennis academies every year.

When should kids join the Tennis Academy

The first thing parents must notice in their kids is whether their kids are interested in tennis or not. It happens many times that tennis enthusiast parents force their kids to join the tennis academy only because they think that their kids should play the sports. Forcing kids to adopt anything against their will would be totally unfair to them as they will never enjoy the sport and will not give their efforts to learn. Not learning the basics properly will never let them play tennis at the higher levels and the purpose of joining the tennis academy would not be solved.

So, it is always advised to see the likings of children towards tennis and being parents, you must play with them in the backyard to generate some curiosity towards the sports. In this way, they will want to learn it if they like it and if they show interest in the sports, they must be taken to the academy for further coaching.

Perfect age to play tennis

Ideally speaking there is no perfect age to play a sport as there are many kids who join the academy in the later years and still grasp things up quickly to become professionals in no time whereas there are kids who join tennis academy Dubai at an early age but are still not able to cope up with the sport. As far as ideal age is concerned, the coaches and experts suggest that kids must join the academy at an age of 5 to 6 years as that is considered to be a learning age and children grasp things very quickly at this age.

Children at the age of 5-6 years have a very flexible body and are lighter in weight which is why their chances of getting injured becomes very less as compared to adults. Their mindset is to learn and have very few distractions which is why they listen to things in a detailed manner and try to follow them as much as they can.

Benefits of joining tennis academy at young age

As discussed earlier, at the age of 5-6 years the mind of a child is like clay which can be moulded into any shape. Their learning capacity is at its peak as well as their endurance. The level of tolerance they get in this early age helps them to sustain physically and mentally tiring long tennis matches in their careers which makes them a true champion in every sense

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