fire detection systems

Fire detection system plays a pivotal role in the safety of vessels and mariners

All vessels either recreational boats to large ships possess fire detection systems onboard that is designed to reduce or eliminate the likelihood and significant severity of exposure to hazardous conditions. By using a smoke detector, a fire detector system detects a fire before it happens. An efficacious fire detection system abolishes damage by ensuring that a fire can be prohibited before it occurs.

Different types of fire suppression systems are used onboard recreational boats and larger vessels. We are going to mention some common types here.


CO2 is a very effective fire suppression chemical agent which has a high rate of expansion. When applied to a fire, CO2 offers a blanket of gas which enclosed and unaired compartment. Thus, it reduces the level of oxygen in such a state when a fire can be extinguished.


Foam or chemical fire suppression systems use a mixture of water and foam/chemicals that form a blanket. This blanket prohibits oxygen from reaching a fire. Moreover, it also conquers the release of flammable vapours that can ignite in the air.

Water Sprinklers:

This type of system (sprinkler system) is commonly used in most commercial vessels. Through cooling, water fire extinguishing systems eliminate the heating ingredient from a fire. This type of system is highly effective in extinguishing fires.

Fire detection systems when conjugated with other elements of emergency response, can minimize consequences like damage to a vessel, personal injury, and loss of life.

Consilium CS3000 | Fire Alarm System Display Unit

  • Maker : Consilium
  • Model : GSM-3151,GPM-4,BTM-4
  • Description : Fire Alarm System Display Unit

Salwico Consilium NS-AOS | Optical Smoke Detector

  • Maker : Salwico Consilium
  • Part No : NS-AOS
  • Description : Optical Smoke Detector

Tyco MD611Ex | Heat Detector

  • Maker : Tyco
  • Model : MD611Ex
  • P/N : 516.052.041

Autronica BU101 | Fire Panel

  • Maker : Autronica
  • Model : BU101
  • Description : Fire Panel

Autronica BU100 | Fire Panel

  • Maker : Autronica
  • Model : BU100
  • Description : Fire Panel

Riken Keiki GX-8000 | Portable multi gas monitor

  • Maker : Riken Keiki Co
  • Model : GX-8000
  • Part No : 641015017

Salwico Consilium OD-5 | Optical Smoke Detector

  • Maker : Salwico Consilium
  • Part No : OD-5
  • Description : Optical Smoke Detector

Siemens DF-30 | Flame detector

  • Maker : Siemens
  • Part No : DF-30
  • Description : Flame detector

Consllium ST Interface M | Module Loop M

  • Maker : Consllium
  • Model : ST Interface M
  • Description : Module Loop M

Autronica BSL-100 PCB

  • Maker : Autronica
  • Model : BSL-100
  • Description : PCB for BS-100 system

Autronica BSU-50-V3 PCB

  • Maker : Autronica
  • Model : BSU-50-V3
  • Description : PCB

Consllium LOOP MX (Part No.: Part no. 5100025, 5100026)

  • Maker : Consllium
  • Model : LOOP MX
  • Part no. 5100025, 5100026

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