Experts’ Advice On Replacing An Air Compressor

Every machine needs change after time and a compressor is not an exception. If you have used it enough and it is showing issues on a regular basis, it might be the time for you to give it a new life. Industrial air compressor manufacturers suggest exploring better options before it says goodbye on a sudden note. If the compressor has seen a long and hard time and no repair seems to make it work better, you must start exploring what’s available for replacement. Still confused, let’s see what expert manufacturers have to say on replacing an air compressor.

When Do I Need To Replace My Compressor?

Take note of any machine that you have used. Let it be a bike, or car or anything of your choice. Is there any difference in the working of a brand new machine and an old machine? There must be a difference and that is also the case with an air compressor. As the machines age more, they stop working. Even regular repairs and services don’t get them on track and that’s when you need to think of replacing. It’s foolish to keep spending on something that doesn’t pay off. 

The question is till what time one should wait before replacing? Let’s have a look at some of the major factors that decide when to replace an air compressor. 

Compressor Shutdowns

Compressor can shut down due to overheating. If your compressor shutdowns are frequent, it is a matter of concern.  High ambient temperature is caused by clogged coolers or dirty air filters. Both of these can be treated. Coolers can be blown out clean and filters could be replaced with new one. Maintaining these on a regular basis can keep the compressor working fine.

Sometimes, the cause of high temperature could be some internal failure and that’s when a replacement is required.

Pressure Drops

Some operations don’t work well on standard pressure settings and for that the compressor is set on high temperature. If you feel the pressure is dropping again and again, don’t directly think of replacing the compressor. First of all check all the filters are working fine. Next, checkout the piping system of the compressor. Sometimes the piping diameter is not suitable to keep the high pressure maintained. If both these things are fine, you need to upgrade the compressor for your future needs.

Breakdown And Age Of Compressor

How old is your compressor? Age of the compressor can help you determine the approximate time you have to buy a new one. First of all, research about the age of the compressor you have. How much time do you have? Then analyse the frequency of breakdowns. If the compressor is demanding unnecessary repairs every few days, it’s time to change. Moreover, you must also consult a professional before making the final decision.

How To Replace An Air Compressor

You need to understand the reason for replacing. Are replacing it because it doesn’t meet your needs anymore or because it has gone too old? Knowing reason helps you find out the right option for your next purchase. 

Book a consultation with one of our team members and discuss the issues you are facing with your compressor and the expectations you have from your new purchase. They will help you find out something better. 

Replacing even a few parts is a complex process and taking help of professionals will help you a lot. 

Advantages Of Replacing A Piston Compressor With Screw Compressor 

Most of the manufacturing units own a piston compressor which is undoubtedly a great option to begin with. But, if you are replacing your compressor and want something efficient, more reliable and compact, a rotary screw compressor would prove to be a great deal. It’s quiet and that’s what makes it a better option. It can fulfill your improved demands and will perfectly replace the problematic machine you are dealing with. 

A compressor is an investment which you don’t make often. It is hard to spend so much every few days and that’s why you need to make a wise move. I hope these tips were helpful, if you are still confused, request a free quote and someone from our team will assist you.

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