Top 5 Trusted Smart Contract Companies to Watch out for in 2020

Smart contracts are computerised programmes which help you in trading cash, property, shares, or any other significant things directly while avoiding the services of a middleman. By using smart contracts, now, you can simply drop a bitcoin into the ledger and your driving license, escrow, or other things will drop into your account. Like a traditional contract, smart contracts also define the rules and penalties regarding an agreement. Moreover, it inevitably enforces those obligations. In this article, we are mentioning the top 5 trusted smart contract companies in India who will streamline your business processes.


Collonmade needs no introduction in the field of software development because of its high-quality coding. The company also has immense experiences in blockchain and website development. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, the company offers the most effective and high-quality web and mobile programming services to customers. Collonmade has designed and developed the perfect digital contracts for the businesses that will help them to flourish in this competitive market. Smart Contract services that you can expect from this company are smart contracts architecture, smart contracts & token development, smart contracts audit, smart contracts optimization, smart contracts design & development, and decentralized applications.

Founder:- Vikas Suthar
Founded:- 2016
Services Offered:- Ethereum Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Angular JS Development, PWA Development, Chatbot Development
Key Clients:- Agea Akkam Global Educational Assistance, MTBDoz, DealSquad, Nexgen
Locations:- India, USA
Phone Number:- 91 70962 21959


LeewayHertz has an experienced and professional team who develops and delivers enterprise-grade applications to clients. Every software developer of the company knows how to convert custom software application ideas to tangible products. The company has a team of certified blockchain developers who develop smart contracts for clients. The company provides services like smart contracts development, chain code development, user experience & technical design, and support & maintenance. The company has worked with 30+ fortune 500 companies. It has developed many applications that are used by a plethora of consumers worldwide. The company has adequate experience and knowledge of developing software products.

Founder:- Akash Takyar
Founded:- 2007
Services Offered:- Smart Contract Development, Blockchain Development, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence
Key Clients:- Siemens, Leica, HERSHEY’S, Trace RX
Locations:- San Francisco, New York, Chicago
Phone Number:- +1 (877) 801-8115

Signity Solutions

Incepted in 2009, Signity solutions has established its niche in the field of web and application development. Till, now, the company has developed more than a hundred websites and applications for various industries from different parts of the world. The company has a pool of talented developers who have sufficient experience and domain knowledge. The company has built a consultative-driven approach for providing end-to-end enterprise technology solutions. The company works closely with its clients and helps them in building strong and award-winning web solutions along with innovative social media solutions. The company offers services like mobility solutions, search technologies, CRM cloud services, and Machine learning.

Founder:- Amit Dua
Founded:- 2009
Services Offered:- Smart Contract Development, Mobility Solutions, CRM Cloud Services, AI/Machine Learning
Key Clients:- Samsung, Cash Back, Sacredrides, GRUPIO
Locations:- India, USA, UK
Phone Number:- +91-172-465-0448, +1-619-309-4653

Tokyo Techie

Our list won’t be completed if we don’t mention the name of Tokyo Techie in the list. Tokyo Techie is a global IT company for development and consulting which serves both private and public sectors. By understanding the business goals of the clients, the company assists various essential and lasting improvement ideas which will boost up their performance and profit. By using the latest technology, Tokyo Techie develops software specifically in Blockchain, IOT, Digital Currency development, iOS, Android, e-commerce, Game Development, Digital Marketing, SEO etc. Apart from India, the company has its offices in Australia, Canada, Japan Singapore, UK, and the USA.

Founded:- 2017
Services Offered:- Smart Contract Development, Blockchain Development, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile App Development
Key Clients:- Bitcoin Bing, Pegasus, Delta Exchange, BitOxford, TradeStars
Locations:- India, USA
Phone Number:- +91 7020973768, +1 (909) 999-7009(USA)


Vrinsoft was established in the year 2009 in Ahmedabad. Over the past few years, the company has served its clients in the best possible ways. The company has started with website development at the beginning of its journey. The company offers services like blockchain development, mobile app development. Web development, PHP development, e-commerce development, internet marketing, and many more. All the smart contract developers of the company use the best technology and integrate smart contracts with Blockchain for better security and cost-effectiveness. The company offers smart contract services to clients ranging from start-ups to enterprises around the world.

Founder:- Jay Patel
Founded:- 2009
Services Offered:- Blockchain Development, Mobile App Development, Website Development, PHP Development
Key Clients:- Marriott, Lego,Mitsubishi Motors, BDS Maschinen
Locations:- India, USA, UK
Phone Number:- +91 72279 06117

These are the most trusted and the top 5 smart contract companies in India which will make your business flourish. If you are looking for smart contract companies in India, consider the above list before making the final call.

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