Don’t have time for yoga studios? Attend virtual yoga classes

The pandemic has affected everyone’s life and has almost brought in an overnight change in the regular routine. The effects of being at home can be felt at personal, national and even on a global scale. Like every industry the yoga sector has also seen a stop in its classes. The popularity of yoga classes for kids has seen a huge demand in the last couple of years but with the pandemic, it brought it to a halt. It feels unsafe to gather together and teach or learn yoga under one roof.  This is why the concept of online or virtual yoga classes are getting popular.

Is it ok with students?

Whether you are a beginner or have been doing yoga for a long time, the virtual classes can be beneficial. The experts of Yoga in Castle Hill can help you instruct to conduct the yoga sessions through virtual platforms. Here are some tips to follow for the instructors who want to shift their yoga classes to the online medium.

Check out some online classes

Try before you use apply for the yoga sessions as well. The instructors should try attending at least one online class before actually doing it themselves.

Look for the right platform

Not all instructors are very tech savvy. So, it may be intimidating initially. This is why you need to check out the right apps and platforms such as zoom, Microsoft teams, Google Hangouts, house party, Facebook live streaming or the other popular apps and platforms like YouTube videos where they can share their instructions.

Choose the right time

If you want to transfer all your life yoga sessions into online lesson slots, you need to stick to the same time and students. This can have a positive impact where both you and students will maintain the routine and also keep up the enthusiasm. However, if you are changing your time table, the slots should be done keeping in mind that the students are also engaged in other online activities and this session should be made according to the availability of the students.


While for some instructors this Yoga class can be a secondary income source, the others who rely primarily on the yoga instructions should be more careful about the pay scale. You have to pay for the platform as well as energy and time. However many students might find it not as engaging as it was when there were physical classes and so might expect low class fees. Also, there is in general a financial crisis all across the globe, so you need to keep your pay at a rate where your online sessions are not a burden but a happy place. Try options such as a first free online class, or one extra online class per month to get more students.

Get organised

Once you have decided on an online set up, go for a studio or a make shift place which looks neat and cluster free so that there are no distractions.

Being flexible

As a yoga instructor you need to be flexible both mentally and physically while teaching online. You need to have the right equipment but don’t get pissed off if a student does not have it. Give them some time to respond and put things how they want to.

Get your feedback

Once you have done your first online session, make sure to ask for feedback. This can help you to find better ways to get popular and interactive. 

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