Mitsubishi AB630-SEP | Low Voltage Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker: an imperative safety component of the vessel

We hardly face any accidental explosion or fire blazing in our office or home when current jump beyond the safety level or if there are any fault in the electrical system. This is because the circuit breaker cuts the power to the system when the accident is supposed to happen. Without a circuit breaker in the electrical system, it would become very difficult for us to sustain in our home or office. The same thing is applicable in the marine industry where a circuit breaker is used in the ship’s generator and plays a quintessential role. An air circuit breaker is designed in such a way so that it can overcome the defects and safeguard the machine before it breakdowns due to an accident.

Functions of an air circuit breaker (ACB)

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The prime functions of an air circuit breaker are,
· It helps in opening and closing a 3-phase circuit, manually or automatically.
· When a fault happens, the breaker opens the circuit automatically. Different types of faults can be occurred and they are under or over voltage, under or over frequency, short circuit, reverse power, earth fault etc.
· During overloading, a circuit breaker dampens or quenches the arcing.

The working principle for a circuit breaker

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An air circuit breaker has two sets of contacts i.e., main and auxiliary contacts. Each set of contact comprises a fixed and moving contact. The prime function of the main contact is to carry the most of the load current. All the contacts are made of cadmium-silver alloy. This alloy has excellent resistance to damage by arcing.

The powerful spring is energized when the ACB is closed. Then the ACB is latched shut against spring pressure. The auxiliary or secondary contact makes first & breaks last. This means the auxiliary contact closes first when ACB is closed. After that, the main contact follows.

On the other hand, when ACB is open, the prime contact open firsts and then auxiliary contact opens. During the opening of ACB, the auxiliary contacts are subjected to arcing. That’s why auxiliary contacts can easily be replaced.

The closing pressure is kept high for the main contact so that the temperature can rise in the contacts while carrying current remains within the limit.

Hyundai AMT-1C-B motor

  • Maker : Hyundai 
  • Model : AMT-1C-B
  • Type : 1H0748CDA

Hyundai AOR-1BS-AL Over Current Trip

  • Model : AOR-1BS-AL
  • Description : Over-Current Trip
  • Base Cur Io : 3200 A

Terasaki UVT AUT-1BD | Trip Device (Voltage : AC 430-470)

  • Maker : Terasaki
  • Model : AUT-1BD
  • Voltage : AC 430-470
  • Serial No : 01642-115

Terasaki UVT AUT-1BD | Trip Device (200-240)

  • Maker : Terasaki
  • Model : AUT-1BD
  • Voltage : AC200-240
  • Serial No : 09647-002

Hyundai HAT32 | Air Circuit Breaker

  • Maker : Hyundai
  • Type : Air Circuit Breaker
  • Model : HAT32

Hyundai HAT20 | Air Circuit Breaker

  • Maker : Hyundai
  • Type : Air Circuit Breaker
  • Model : HAT20

Schneider Electric NSX2500N | Circuit Breaker

  • Maker : Schneider Electric
  • Model : NSX2500N
  • Description : Circuit Breaker

Mitsubishi AB630-SEP | Low Voltage Circuit Breaker

  • Maker : Mitsubishi
  • Model : AB630-SEP
  • Description : Low Voltage Circuit Breaker

Siemens VL630 | Circuit Breaker

  • Maker : Siemens
  • Model : VL630
  • Description : Circuit Breaker

Hyundai HATS-T | UVT Trip Device

  • Maker : Hyundai
  • Type : Hats-T
  • Description : UVT Trip Device

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