Can Oregano fight against CoronaVirus

You must have heard a lot about Oregano in terms of a herb used as a seasoning in Italian Cuisines like Pizzas and Pastas. Oregano is actually a fragrant herb found naturally in the mother earth and is not just used as a seasoning but has a lot of other amazing properties that are beneficial for health. The oregano oil extracted from the herb has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties which is used to treat various bacterial and fungal infections and is as good as any allopathic antibiotic without any side effects.

Is Oregano powerful enough to fight Coronavirus

The world right now is fighting against a pandemic called Coronavirus or COVID-19. There has been no vaccine developed till now against this virus which is the reason millions of people have died worldwide. The only way to protect yourself from this virus is to keep your immunity at the highest level so that even if the virus enters your body, the immune system builds antibodies against the virus and kills them.  Oregano is a plant from the mint family and Oregano as well as the wild oregano oil has immense medicinal properties. The active compounds present in the herb and its oil is packed with antioxidants, antibacterial as well as antifungal properties thus making it a perfect medicine for many diseases. People in the west have been using Oregano as a major wellness booster and it is quite evident that Coronavirus does not attack healthy people so indirectly, Oregano can be taken to improve immunity and wellness of your body so that Coronavirus stays away from you.

Effectiveness of Oregano oil against CoronaVirus

Every part of Oregano right from the herb itself to the oil which is extracted from the herb is useful and has immense medicinal properties. The wild oregano essential oil has definitely the power to fight with the coronavirus provided it is mixed with right herbs or medicines and given in appropriate quantity. Scientists and virologists in the mediteranean are seriously considering oregano as the alternative option of traditional medicines that could treat coronavirus since the effectiveness of traditional medicines on the coronavirus has not been stronger. Keeping in mind that herb has been used in large quantities as a wellness improvement herb, it is quite evident that it can be made into a potential coronavirus medicine soon in the future as it increases immunity and makes the body healthy. 

Apart from Coronavirus, recent studies have shown that Oregano oil has been proved valuable in treating Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which is popularly known as SARS which took millions of lives in the past. Also, a recent laboratory test revealed that the oil of this valuable herb can destroy humans which is thought to be the pathogen responsible for SARS. In the lab test, the replication of the virus stopped to replicate within 20 minutes of its exposure to the oregano oil.

Role of oregano in treating Coronavirus

People around the world have been using oregano essential oil as a natural antibiotic in treating cough, cold, fever and other diseases. The initial symptoms of coronavirus included all of the above things, it is quite sure that oregano oil can definitely be taken in the initial phases of coronavirus alongside the traditional medicines of course recommended by your doctor. This will not only help you in improving the overall wellness of your body but will also help to lower down the temperature and other relevant coronavirus symptoms in your body. Also since oregano is a popular antiviral and Coronavirus is also a virus, it will surely have a positive effect in eliminating the virus from your body to some extent if not completely.

Test results

It is very important to know that the test results conducted on the lab regarding the effectiveness of oregano essential oil in the coronavirus have been pretty amazing and positive but that does not mean that it should be considered as the medicine or a vaccine for this deadly virus. Since the tests have shown impressive results, the virologists are trying to find more possibilities with this amazing herb called oregano that mother earth has given us. In the time to come, virologists could definitely do some wonders with oregano and hopefully make an effective medicine against coronavirus so that the lives of millions of people could be saved.

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