5 Best SEO Metrics You Must Consider Using

5 Best SEO Metrics You Must Consider Using

SEO performance metrics are one of the best to measure your SEO results as well as to increase traffic which is why it is used and implemented across the world by the best SEO service providers. Ask the best SEO company in Ahmedabad and they will recommend using SEO performance metrics to improve your rankings even if you have not used them before. Your SEO strategies are beautifully optimized using SEO metrics helping you to measure your search engine optimization and improve the ranking of your website.  

In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 SEO performance metrics for website owners so that they could improve their rankings and measure SEO results efficiently.

1. Genuine or organic traffic

It is very obvious that websites run successfully only through organic traffic and not by any sort of paid or dragged traffic. Website owners as well have now understood that no matter how much paid traffic they bring to their website, in the end, only the organic ones are going to stay and benefit their website. Every SEO service provider in Ahmedabad concentrates on bringing organic traffic to their client’s site before doing or implementing paid strategies. 

By measuring the organic traffic rates, you can make strategies based on that. If a rise in traffic rates is noticed, the service providers note down the factors responsible for the rise and start working on them. If a dip in noticed, steps are taken to eliminate factors responsible for the dip.

2. Search engine referral rates

We all know that websites work and rank higher only if the search engines like them, understand them and want them to rank higher. Search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing together compromise around 80-95% of the traffic worldwide which is why it becomes extremely essential for all website owners to keep a check on the search engine referral rates for your SEO strategies to work efficiently.. If for any reason, the referral rates drop sharply, you must find out the contribution of each of the search engines to your site and try to find ways to improve them.

3. Measuring keyword rankings

Keywords are considered as one of the most important metrics to improve the ranking of any website and keyword rankings are essential for understanding the performance of SEO in your site. Based on the ranking of the keywords, different SEO strategies are made and implemented which is the reason it is always advised to carefully monitor the keyword rankings. Keeping a check on your keyword rankings will also make you able to identify any problems in SEO and take necessary steps to stop or minimize them.

4. Measuring authority

One of the best ways to check how good your SEO is performing is by measuring the authority established through quality backlinks. Authority is the base of any SEO strategy which is why it is recommended by all digital marketing experts and SEO service providers across the world to keep a tight check on the authority numbers. If your backlinks are not working properly, you must find out different ways of earning new backlinks. Quality and engaging content are considered an effective way of earning new backlinks 

5. Measuring the time user spends

No matter how good your website is, if the people visiting your site are not liking the content and not spending time on the website reading content, the website is of no use. Measuring the time a user spends on your website becomes an extremely important SEO metric as when the time is dropped, you must consider changing or improving the content so that it looks more attractive and engaging. 

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