Why Corrugated is the Best Packaging Option

Possibly the best and most affordable packaging option that is available in the market today is corrugated boxes. It is natural for laymen to get confused between corrugated and cardboard material because they apparently both look similar. However even though they have a similar appearance, they are used for different purposes. For instance, a cardboard carton is used in cereal boxes while corrugated cartons are used in packing most of the online things that you get delivered. The corrugated box manufacturers in Ahmedabad such as Canpac offer relevant packaging solutions which can be used in various industries. Being extremely flexible in nature, corrugated boxes has seen a huge popularity amongst the packers as well as the customers. If you are looking to make customised packaging solutions for your services, the corrugated box manufacturers can help you produce in bulk.

What makes corrugated one of the finest packaging options?

· Sustainability of the materials

The foremost reason is that these materials can be recycled and reused plenty of times. And when you think about that in terms of production value, it offers optimum value for money. Corrugated boxes are made from wood pulp which is a renewable natural resource. The sustainability quotient associated with the corrugated containers is exceptionally high compared to the other such containers. The fibres recovered in the recycling process cannot just make new boxes but also other paper products. Even in residences, people can fold and store away these boxes and reassemble them whenever required. All they have to do is tape them properly when repacking and it can be safely used to ship any item.

· Keeping the items well protected

One of the most important factors when selecting a packaging product is that it should be able to shield the inside item properly. Nobody would like to receive a damaged or broken product and with a corrugated box, you can ensure that it will be transferred from the point of origin to the required destination safely. It does not need any extra foam or layer of protection because of the fluted property.

· Pack whatever you need

Packaging does not come in the same shape and size. So, when you have to uniquely customise your casing, it is best done with the corrugated box. There cannot be any one-size-fits-all structure for a parcel which is why the E-Commerce services have shown immense interest in looking for customisable packaging options and the solution is corrugated containers.

· Get your prints on the boxes easily

Incorporating graphics on a parcel can be required at times – whether it is to grab the customer’s attention or for industrial leveling – graphics or prints are important with corrugated material. You can have digital print, litho labeling, combined graphics or even direct print. In retail businesses, it is necessary that you can do brand promotion through your packaging. With custom corrugated boxes, it is very easy to have your unique prints done on the wraps. Similarly for e-commerce, you can have a strong yet lightweight packaging solution that can create a good first impression with your customers. Proper product packaging can help enhance customer satisfaction and also provide a higher perceived value of the product.

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