How To Use Hand Signals For Safe Crane Operations

For anything to work successfully, coordination among the team members is necessary. Clear communication and message delivery can improve things significantly. When it comes to crane operation, the need for balance is greater.Creating balance with your team makes the process faster and safer. One of the most important parts of crane operations is hand signals. Using hand signals for operations is not a new technique, but it’s extremely useful. The EOT crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad suggest all their customers follow the hand signals guide to make the load handling process safer and easy to manage.

Hand Signals Reduce Communication Issues

The noise at the construction site can make it difficult to follow any verbal instructions and that could lead to accidents. Sometimes, it is extremely crucial to pass some information but the roaring machine would not let anyone hear and that can lead to a lot of mess in no time.Hand signals are passed in such a way that everyone can see them clearly. The signals are pre-decided and that’s why the viewer quickly understands the purpose. The hand signal technique has been used for a variety of purposes and crane operations is one of them.

Responsibility Of Hand Signal Person

The signal person had to watch out everything carefully and give the required signals. The job requires a lot of attention and knowledge as well. First of all, the signal person must know all the signals correctly so that no miscommunication happens. The job requires qualification and training to perform well. The signal person also needs to know about all the crane parts and operations apart from hand signals. The job is to stand in a clear view and give correct signals on time. The signal person if works dedicatedly, can prevent many accidents.

Some Common Hand Signals

Hand signals are many. The signals have been created for nearly every job and that’s why the number is quite large. Here are some most common hand signals.

Stop Signals

Stop signals are used to stop the processes. These can be of three types. The emergency stop, stop and dog everything. The stop signal is used to stop and an emergency signal asks for an immediate stop. Dog everything quits everything.

  1. Extending both arms and swaying them is an emergency stop.
  2. Extending and swaying one arm is to stop
  3. Resting both hands on the belly says dog everything.

Boom signals

The boom signals are used to give commands for booms.

  1. An extended arm with thumb up says raise boom while thumb down will command lower boom.
  2. An extended arm with pointed index finger commands swing boom.
  3. The come here posture with both hands on waist level with fingers inverted as fist says extend boom.

Load Signals

When the signal person raise arm upwards and index finger points up, it commands to lift the hoist.

Speed Signals

Placing the other hand over the action symbol will give a signal to reduce the speed.These were a few signals that are most commonly used by those who own a crane.

Signals And Safety

Hand signals are used to ensure better safety. The signal person stands at a position that gives a better view of every activity. The operator doesn’t have visual access to most of these things and that’s why the job of signal person is important. Only a skilled and attentive person deserves the job as being ignorant can invite unnecessary issues. The EOT crane manufacturers in Gujarat believe that every manufacturer working with such a device must have a signal person. If you have not already hired one, think about it now.

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