What is the process to get environmental tenders

What is the process to get environmental tenders

World these days has been going through a very bad phase in terms of environmental deterioration and India is not behind as well. As compared to most parts of the world, India is dealing with pollution, poverty and non-hygiene which is considerably affecting our environment. The Government of India has been doing their bit for a long time by following various approaches related to environmental restoration and are getting benefited as well which is why there is no shortage of offline and online tender which has a lot of scope and requirement of manpower in terms of environmental restoration. From roads to offices and Airports, environmental restoration projects are conducted at almost every public place in India which is why it is always profitable to work in these projects and apply for tenders by carefully reading the Tender details for eligibility.

Construction of dams, making rivers more environment friendly, planting of trees beside roads, deploying battery operated vehicles near old monuments, rain water harvesting, making of drains and sewers etc all comes under environment restoration tenders and if you have some experience on any of these fields, you can very well work by applying for these tenders as they are profitable as well as safe because they are the tenders issued by the Government of India or state government of different states.

Environmental Permit

It has to be kept in mind that every contractor needs the environmental permit from the government to begin the work as the government ensures that wherever the construction starts, the air quality, water quality and the health of the people nearby the construction site are not affected and maintained properly. Apart from that, the higher noise level is always a concern for the residential people as construction works involve a lot of noise which needs to be minimised as well. While constructing a bridge, it must be ensured that the monuments or buildings nearby the construction sites do not get damaged. Even though the government issues Govt Tender but these permits must be taken from different departments of the government to ensure that there are no problems later on.

The process of filling up environmental tenders is no different than that of the other tenders issued by the government. They are published online in several central and state government websites and are published offline on the local and national newspapers as well. Tenders can be filed via e-procurement websites online or the applications can be submitted manually in the office of the concerned authority. You will be intimated both online and offline once you get the tender and then you must start with the process of environmental permit.

Protection to environmental damages

Being a contractor or somebody who has taken a Government tender for the work completion, you must always remember that if work is in remote places like deep forests, remote villages where there is abundance of natural resources, you must ensure that you do not damage the natural resources in any condition. These things will be mentioned clearly in the tender document’s clause but even if you miss reading it, this should always be remembered. No throwing of waste construction materials in the rivers or dams, no garbage dumping and collection on the construction sites, no cutting of trees, no misuse of forests, no harming of wild animals etc are some of the things which you must clearly remember.

There are many clauses that state that if you are not committed to the environmental damage protection, your tender might be cancelled immediately without any notice.

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