Tunics for women: evergreen elegance

Tunics for women: evergreen elegance

Tunics have started their journey with humble beginnings, but now they have become a fashion staple. Due to their versatility and comfortability, the Indian cotton tunic tops are highly welcomed by women of all age groups. In India, the demand for these gorgeous and stunning embroidered tunics is growing continuously. These organic cotton tops are very durable and will last a long time. You can pair these tunic tops with jeans, palazzos, tights, and jeggings. You can even accentuate your look by pairing them up with scarves and stoles.

Sevya welcomes its customers with a wide range of tunics that are meticulously designed by different artisan groups across India. Let’s take a look at some of the best-selling collections of Indian cotton tunic tops from Sevya.

Deena Tunics:

These are the most popular tunic tops by Sevya. These are made up of a combination of digitally printed fabric that is embroidered by skilful women artisans from North India. These tunic tops are available in classic sari prints and contemporary prints. The tops are adorned with fine embroidery on the front and backside. These tops are available from small to XXL size. You can easily wear these tops with a pair of jeans or tights. This will certainly enhance your look and will help you to stand out in a crowd.

Cotton embroidered tunics:

Though these lightweight cotton tunics have many resemblances with Deena tunics, they are made up of 100% pure cotton. The tops are embellished with hand block prints and then hand embroidered. These tops are the perfect summer wear and they are designed for every woman (different shapes and sizes). These tunic tops are available from small to XXL size. These tops will give you the ultimate comfort and you can wear them regularly.

Why tunics are appreciated by all women of different age groups and sizes?

Tunic tops will never go out of the fashion rather every woman should keep at least one tunic top in their closet. Here are some reasons for the popularity of tunics.

Cool and comfortable:

Tunics will give you a stylish look even in the scorching summer. The fabric breathes and thus, you will get the ultimate comfort by wearing these Indian cotton tunic tops. To make a comfortable and polished look, you can wear them with capri pants, shorts, or even with jeans.


Wearing tunics are quite intriguing and you can enjoy every moment. You will get a variety of materials and prints in the tunic world. Moreover, you can enjoy quirky and playful designs of tunics. Tunics will come up with a variety of print options like sari print, contemporary print, animal print, and many more.


You can wear tunics on different occasions. By wearing them, you can attend an evening party or even you can participate in a family gathering. So, tunics are the ultimate options that can go well with any occasion and party.


Tunics are well-accepted by women of all age groups and sizes. Even by wearing this, a flabby woman can look chic and stylish. You can also disguise the curves by wearing this attire.

These are some reasons why tunics are quite popular among women.

Sevya is proud to be associated with the Fair-Trade Federation. We give opportunities to the artisans and give them a platform where they can earn a handsome amount by exhibiting their talent and skills. If you want to know more about us and our embroidered tunics and organic cotton tops, you must visit our official website.

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