Top Biogas Analyzer Equipment Company in USA

Top Biogas Analyzer Equipment Company in the USA

Biogas is a mixture of methane, CO2, and small amounts of other gasses produced during the breakdown of waste organic materials. The organic matter is broken down by bacteria in an oxygen-free environment through a process called anaerobic digestion.

The biogas that is captured can be used in numerous ways including local heating and power generation, as fuel for natural gas vehicles, or sold to natural gas utilities and injected into their pipelines in the form of biomethane. Depending on the end-use of the biogas, it must be conditioned or upgraded to different levels of purity to remove contaminants such as hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, and moisture.

Biogas analyzers are the utmost choice to monitor and control oxygen, H2S, and moisture levels during the biogas upgrading process. Let’s take a look at the top biogas analyzer companies in the USA.

1. Diamondsci:

Diamondsci is a leading (Veteran Administration verified VOSB and HUBZONE Certified) company that embraces the customers with various gas analyzers and biogas analyzers. The top biogas analyzers from the company are Handheld biogas analyzers without H2S, Toxic gas detector-OI-6000, Portable Ch4 detector, GEM5000 Landfill gas analyzer, Portable methane detector, and many more. Diamondsci offers services in various industries including clinical research, IVF lab, environmental, safety equipment, pharmaceutical sciences, air & water quality research, and Landfill-bio digester application.

The company has more than 35 years of experience in this field and uses the latest technology to measure biogas. The company offers competitive pricing and astonishing services for its products. If you need gas analyzers or biogas analyzers, you can get in touch with Diamondsci either by phone (1-321-223-7500) or you can mail your query to


Call us: 1-321-223-7500

2. Mrulab:

With over 70+ years of combined Industrial environmental experience, the company always offers the best gas analyzers and biogas analyzers to customers. The top gas analyzer products of the company are AMPRO 2000, DM401, DM9600 precision manometer, Nova compact, Nova plus, Optima 7 biogas with H2S measurement, and many more. The prime aim of the company is to provide the highest quality portable and fixed gas analyzers for various industrial applications.

The company offers the best service and high-quality technical support for its customers and secures continuous availability of spare parts. You can reach the company on its number (1-321-223-7500) or if you have any queries, you can send mail to


Call us: 321-223-7500

3. Bridge Analyzer:

This is an eminent company that offers a plethora of gas analyzers including exhaust emissions analyzers, residual oxygen analyzers, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) headspace gas analyzers and case-ready meat gas analyzers.

The company offers its products and services in various industries including industrial applications, food & beverages, automotive, and environmental. The company has an excellent client base including the University of Florida, Tupperware, Hyundai, Yamaha, Oregon State University, Blue Bottle Coffee, and many more. For your requirements, you can contact the company on its number ((510) 337-1605).


Call us: (510) 337-1605

4. Instrumart:

Our list won’t be completed if we don’t mention the name of this company. The company offers various gas analyzers that will certainly cater to your needs and requirements.

The top gas analyzers of the company are Michelle instruments XGA 301 gas analyzer, AOI series 3000 oxygen gas analyzers, AOI series 2000 oxygen gas analyzers, AOI series 2520 oxygen gas analyzers, AOI 3500 oxygen transmitter, MRU SWG 100 Biogas Ex analyzer, and many more. The company has a team of 20+ applications engineers who used to offer technical support and services to customers. The company offers competitive prices for its products and free shipping on most orders $250 or more. For any requirement, you can get in touch with them either by dialing the number (1-800-884-4967) or you can email your query to


Call us:  1-800-884-4967

3. Gasmet:

Gasmet manufactures robust, accurate, and portable gas analyzers for a wide variety of applications. The GT 5000 Terra is the new lightweight but robust ambient air multi-gas analyzer of the company. On the other hand, products like DX4015 and DX4000 are suitable for humid applications. Since all analyzers are based on the same technology (FTIR spectroscopy), hence for all applications the users can rely on the same high levels of accuracy and consistency. All the gas analyzers of the company can measure up to 50 gases simultaneously, and the addition of new measurement parameters is easy, without any need for hardware changes.

The company offers a complete value chain including R&D, manufacturing, Sales & marketing, distribution, and service. If you have any queries, you can send them an email ( or you can call the company directly to its number (+358 9 759 00 400).


Call us: +358 9 759 00 400

These are the top 5 gas analyzers and Biogas Analyzer Equipment companies in the USA. With the help of the internet, you may find many more gas analyzer companies in the USA and all over the world.

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