Top 5 MDF Supplier in Ahmedabad

We are living in a world in which it has become essential to find sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives to traditional materials and methods.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), an engineered wood composite that looks like particleboard is one such innovative product that is huge in demand due to its qualities. Made from sawdust generated during the wood product manufacturing process, MDF is denser and stronger than particle boards. It costs less than plywood and its surface is so smooth that you do not need to worry about the knots on the surface or splinters. Due to its consistency, its cut edges look smooth and it becomes feasible to create decorative edges that are nearly impossible with traditional plywood.

The demand for MDF sheets has recently increased significantly. To cater to the expanding customer base, many traders in Ahmedabad are manufacturing and supplying MDF sheets. Here is the list of top MDF suppliers in Ahmedabad that offer the best quality and wide range of MDF sheets at an affordable rate. Have a look.



Contact No: +91-91061 99372

2. Trishul Timber


Contact No: +91 98254 26600

3. vir-mdf


Contact No: +91 79 6140 0400

4. Paramsales


Contact No: 08043048959

5.Sun Acrylam


Contact No: 08048551290

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