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Top 5 Afro Stores in Germany That You Should Know

Africa is an exotic continent with over 54 countries in it. The food products and spices that you find in this unique landmass are found nowhere in the world. People who come from this region of the world struggle when they go out of this continent as they do not see an afro store with ease. 

Especially, people studying or working in Germany do not know where to find their favourite food products. But, if you are in Germany, these are the five stores that you can use to buy products that you can only find in Africa.

Spice Village

Spice Village Afro Store

Spice Village is the biggest online store in Germany. Besides, African food items, people from Asia like India, Pakistan, Thailand, and China can also find the products that are only available in their respective countries. 

People who would like to explore the products physically may visit their 300 square foot store or may choose to check the website. 

They have garnered a lot of trust and reputation because their prices are reasonable, and they sell original brands. The customer service in this store is excellent.

Products: Afro food, Indian Grocery, Ready to Eat Food, Tea and Beverages, Instant Mix food, Vegetables, Asian Grocery

Shipping Policy: Free Shipping*

Reviews: 51 reviews

King David Afro Shop 

King David Afro Shop

People coming from Africa do miss their food when they step out of their land. It does not matter if you are in Germany for Study or work, you can buy the food products that are exclusively available in South Africa from this unique online grocery stores. 

Their website is beautiful and professional. The prices are quite affordable. They did categorize every product on their site so that people can find the things they want with ease. They did import most of the products that you find in this store. 

Products: Afro Products, Vegetables

Shipping Policy: Free Shipping*

Reviews: 25 reviews


MAS IMPEX Afro Store

This online grocery supermarket is the right choice for you if you are looking for African food products. People who are craving to eat the foods that they savor in Africa should visit the website. They sell an array of products that they ship from Africa. Besides Germany, they also deliver products to other parts of Europe. The customer service in this Afro Shop is excellent. 

Products: Indian grocery, Afro and Latin American Products, Vegetables, Fruits

Shipping Policy: Free shipping not available

Reviews: 80 reviews

Punjab Afro Shop 

Punjab Afro Shop

Punjab Afro Shop is another online grocery store in Germany that sells spices, seasonings, and a lot of other groceries that you will find only in Africa. People looking for original brands that are extensively available in Africa can find it here. The website is user-friendly and is easy to navigate.

Besides providing excellent customer service, they also sell products at a reasonable rate. They do ship products not only in Germany but also in several other countries in Europe. 

Products:  Indian grocery, Afro and Latin American Products, Fruits and Vegetables

Shipping Policy: Free shipping not available

Reviews: 766 reviews

Isheri Afro Shop


It is one more grocery store that sells a lot of different products to people who are from Africa. From groceries to baby products and from footwear to perfumes, you can find anything and everything that you are searching for and you do miss. Besides, offering discounts, they also deliver all the things that you order at your footsteps.  

Products: Afro Grocery and Other Products

Shipping Policy: Free shipping not available

Reviews: 37 reviews

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