Tips to choose the best tennis coach

Tips to choose the best tennis coach

Tennis is one of the fastest racquet sports in the world where the ball travels at a very high speed. It is a very popular game and millions of children in Dubai want to play the sport at the professional level. If Private Tennis Lessons for Beginners are given at the right time for children who are interested in taking up tennis as a profession, they can really do wonders at the international level. One of the most important things parents must consider while sending their children to tennis academies is to select the right coach for them. A right coach can transform an average player to a good player and that small change could set the path of the child for future.

Selecting the right coach is a difficult task and one must consider several factors before finalising it. Some of the factors are discussed below

  • Near the house

Children wanting to learn tennis are not aged enough to travel for 1-2 hours to reach the coach for training. There are many

  • Qualification of the coach

One of the most important things you must look for in a coach is whether he is qualified enough to coach your child. There are many professional courses for coaches and make sure he has passed some of the important ones for the eligibility

  • Teaching ability

It is not necessary that a good player is always the best coach as well. Coaching ability is totally different and an average player can also be an excellent coach

  • Personality

The personality of the coach for your child must be pleasant and he must be calm and cool so that your child finds it comfortable to learn from him. Somebody who loses temper too quickly will not be a suitable coach

  • Dedication

It is very important for the coach to be dedicated towards the game as well as teaching. He must be able to give everything he knows to the beginner and then only he can be a great coach.

  • Decent playing experience

It is not necessary for the coach to be an ace player in the past but he should have a decent playing experience in the upper levels as that experience will make him a better coach because then only he will understand each and every intricacies of the game

  • Experience as a coach

It is very important for the person you are selecting as a coach to have a decent experience in coaching beginners as beginners require a different level of training and only an experienced coach can understand that mindset and give training appropriately.

  • Make sure he starts with the basics

Many coaches have a preconceived notion that no matter how beginner a child is, he must be knowing the basics of the game which is not true. Many children come to academies to learn not knowing the basics and it is the duty of the coach to start from scratch

  • Good communication skills

For a player to be a good coach, he should have a good communication skill and must be soft spoken so that he can clearly make the beginner understand what he really wants to. This will help the child learn more things and ask doubts without any hesitation

  • Equipped with latest technologies and tools

The coach should have all the latest tools and technologies used in modern day tennis coaching as these are a prerequisite these days in all the coaching centres.

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