Product list of Rods, Bars, Pins, Nuts, and Shafts

 Product list of Rods, Bars, Pins, Nuts, and Shafts

In the world of hydraulic cylinders, a wide range of high-quality products is available to meet various industrial needs. Among them are hard chrome plated bars, burnished hard chrome plated rods, induction hardened chrome plated rods, peeled ground bars, guide bars, tie bars and nuts, pins, shafts, and piston rods. These components play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of hydraulic systems. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of each of these products, shedding light on their applications and highlighting their importance in the hydraulic cylinder industry.

Burnished Hard Chrome Plated Rods

Burnished hard chrome plated rods are solid, cylindrical components made from high-quality steel, typically C45 or 4140. They undergo a specialized surface treatment process called hard chrome plating, which involves depositing a layer of chromium onto the rod’s surface. This layer of chrome provides exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance, making the rod suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Rods

Induction hardened chrome plated rods are a type of cylindrical metal component that undergoes a specialized manufacturing process to enhance its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. These rods are commonly used in various applications, such as hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, linear motion systems, and machinery components.

Peeled Ground Bars

Peeled ground bars are conductive metal bars made from high-quality copper or aluminum. They are designed to provide a common grounding point for multiple electrical circuits. These bars feature a peeled or tinned surface, which enhances their conductivity and ensures optimal electrical contact with connected wires or devices.

Guide Bars

Guide bars are essential components in various mechanical systems and tools, providing precise guidance and support for smooth and accurate movements. Whether used in chainsaws, industrial machinery, or automated systems, guide bars play a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance and enhancing safety.

Tie Bar & Nuts

The use of tie bars and nuts is vital in various applications across industries, providing essential support and reinforcement. Whether in construction, engineering, or manufacturing, tie bars and nuts play a crucial role in maintaining structural integrity and preventing unwanted movement. In this discussion, we will explore the significance of tie bars and nuts, their diverse applications, and the different types available.


In the world of manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. Ejector pins, though small in size, play a crucial role in the injection molding process, ensuring the smooth ejection of parts from molds. In this discussion, we will explore the fascinating realm of ejector pins, their design principles, materials used, and their vital contribution to the production of high-quality molded products.


Shafts are essential components used in various mechanical systems to transmit power and motion. They play a crucial role in machines, ranging from engines and turbines to conveyor systems and even everyday items like drills and fans. Understanding the different types and applications of shafts is vital for engineers and designers seeking efficient power transmission solutions.

Piston Rods For Hydraulic Cylinder

The piston rod is a critical component of a hydraulic cylinder, playing a crucial role in converting hydraulic power into mechanical force. It serves as the connecting link between the piston and the external load, enabling precise and controlled movement. In this discussion, we will explore the importance of the piston rod for hydraulic cylinders and delve into its design, materials, and functionalities.

Conclusion :

To summarize, the product list comprising hard chrome plated bars, burnished hard chrome plated rods, induction hardened chrome plated rods, peeled ground bars, guide bars, tie bars and nuts, pins, shafts, and piston rods holds immense importance in the realm of hydraulic cylinders. These components offer an array of advantages, such as superior surface hardness, enhanced wear resistance, and precise alignment. By incorporating these high-quality products into hydraulic cylinder systems, industries can ensure efficient and reliable operations, ultimately leading to increased productivity and optimal performance.

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