How to wear silk scarves this summer

Indubitably silk scarves are the trendiest fashion accessories that can transform your look and appearance if worn properly. These days, the market is crammed with an endless amount of scarf options and styles. You can wear this casual outfit year-round with different attire (from professional looks to casual). An impeccably designed silk scarf will keep you warm in the winter season, and during the summer season, it used to protect your skin from the perilous UV rays of the sun. So, a silk scarf will accentuate your outlook by adding some elegance and charm to your attire.

 Sevya offers a wide range of wholesale scarves that are made up of natural silk, silk-wool and silk-cotton blends. Let’s take a look at some of the popular collection of silk scarves from Sevya.

·        Recycled silk sari scarf: This handmade silk scarf is made up of women artisans by using 100% silk recycled saris. These scarves come in multiple colours and prints. Each scarf is unique and elegant in style.

·        Revati Silk & wool scarf: This hand-woven scarf is made by master weavers in India. The astonishing weave, natural silk and wool yarn make this scarf an ultra-soft feel and beautiful. This is our top-selling product and it is perfect for all occasions.

·        Aniya Sheer Silk scarf: This scarf features a stunning sheer weave in a soft blend of silk and cotton. The alternating impervious and translucent weave design uplift the contemporary look of the fair-trade scarf.

·        Rupa Silk & wool scarf: This scarf is designed by weavers from Eastern India using the ikat weaving technique. The soft silk and wool yarn are first hands tie-dyed and then, hand weaving is introduced. The scarf has a unique design with a contemporary look.

Now, we are going to mention how can you wear a silk scarf stylishly this summer.

·        Wear loosely around the neck: This is a very simple yet elegant way to wear a silk scarf. You can either drape it over plainly or drape and put on a belt so that it can be worn more steadily. This will make you look relaxed and casual.

·        Wear as a chic necktie: Do you want to put on this accessory with your office look? Certainly, you can. But for this, you need to use it as a stylish necktie that will accentuate your polished office outfit. You can tie it anyway as per your taste and fashion quotient.

·        Tie the scarf on your hair: you can tie your scarf into a knot in the middle. Style the knot in the front of your head and then, tie the scarf around your head, over your hair in the back.

·        Wear it like a floppy bow: At first, make a ponytail. Then, tie the scarf over your hair so that it looks like a droopy bow.

·        Braid your scarf with your hair: Select a vibrant colour silk scarf and tie it onto a strand of your hair in the back. Braid your scarf with your hair to create a stunning look. Finally, use the end to tie the braid strongly.

·        Tie around your head:  Make a large triangle by folding the scarf. Then, tie the longest two ends around your head and under your hair. This is a good idea to protect your hair from the dust, grime, and harmful UV rays of the sun (in the summer).

·        Accessorise your handbag: Do you want to accessorize your bag innovatively? Add a little bit of contrast to your handbag by tethering the silk scarf around one handle in a bow or a cute knot.

A silk scarf will not only act as a shield this summer to protect you from the deadly sun rays, but it also offers style and fashion statement. A scarf can make or break your style. So, you should wisely choose a scarf depending on the type of attire you are wearing.

Sevya offers stylish and chic wholesale scarves that will certainly uplift the beauty of your wardrobe. By visiting the website of the company, you will get to know more about its fair-trade products and items. 

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