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Website insurance-what are the options?

The website has become an indispensable thing these days as from multinational companies to an ice parlour everyone wants to enhance their online presence. That’s why businesses are designing various websites to promote their businesses online. But these websites are vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals. So, business owners must protect all the sensitive information from these mischievous hackers. Here comes website insurance that protects your website from internet criminals. Companies like Surewise offer website insurance along with cyber insurance so that companies can run their businesses without any disruption.

What is website insurance?

Website insurance protects against various things, including unlawful access to your website that can be extremely beneficial for your business if you store any personal information like credit card numbers or medical histories.

Another insurance that goes along with website insurance is media liability insurance. This type of insurance protects the original web content. Content, slogans, logos and even photos are covered under this type of insurance. This even protects comments made by your customers on your site. Moreover, media liability insurance is beneficial in cases of copyright infringement, libel and slander. These things are imperative for news websites. Apart from website insurance, this insurance policy also ensures that your defence fees will be covered by the insurer.

What are the options?

SSL certificate (protects websites before an attack)

Very often you have experienced websites with https and a green secure padlock. Does it really protect your website? An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is installed on the web server. This certificate protects encrypted data transmission through websites. This means if you have submitted sensitive and delicate data like username, password and credit card details, a malicious third-party can’t view all this information. Thus, an SSL certificate protects your website from a data breach. It saves your market reputation and brand value.

An SSL certificate also confirms the owner of the website. As a business owner whether you have control over the domain and a reputation in the business or not. You should get a well-authenticated security product along with organisation validated (OV) and extended validated (EV) SSL certificates. A trusted third-party (certificate authority [CA]) will evaluate a website owner’s background and thus, it will make sure that your business is directly linked with the website. It would be difficult for cybercriminals to replicate your site for phishing. Because CAs protect your websites.

Cyber insurance (gives compensation after an attack)

As cyber-crimes are arising day by day, hence, several insurance companies are providing cyber insurance to compensate you for your loss. This type of insurance covers everything from personal, corporate and data security liabilities. But you need to give a yearly premium and then, payout happens only when in case of any unfortunate incident. You need to represent the relevant documentation and proofs so that you can claim compensation as per your need.

You should incorporate both (an SSL certificate and cyber insurance) into your corporate insurance plan. You need to invest a chunk of money to purchase a cyber insurance plan. But on the other hand, the cost of an SSL certificate is minimal. Thus, purchasing an SSL certificate is beneficial for novice business owners.

Surewise is an eminent insurance firm that offers various types of insurance including cyber insurance, website insurance, business insurance, commercial property insurance, and many more. The company has dedicated and experienced account managers who will ensure that all your insurance needs are met.

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