How to practice the guitar quietly?

How to practice the guitar quietly?

The guitar is a wonderful instrument if you know how to play it. Practising the guitar regularly will certainly enhance your skills and will boost up your self-esteem. If you can practice the guitar silently, you will know more about the instrument and can spend more time in practising. There are a few ways by which you can practice this musical instrument silently. If you have purchased an electric guitar from a reputed music store in Brisbane and want to practice it quietly, you can use headphones with your amp or pedals. On the other hand, if you select an acoustic guitar from a music shop in Brisbane and want to play it silently, you can mute or muffle it. In this article, we are going to discuss how can you enjoy practising the guitar silently.

How to practice an electric guitar silently?

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Practice it with headphones: One of the simplest ways to practice an electric guitar quietly is to play it with headphones. By plugging headphones into your amp or pedal, you can silently practise an electric guitar. Depending on the type of amp and pedals, you need to choose the headphones for your electric guitar. Most of the modern guitar amps possess a headphones output jack. With these amps, you just need to use an adapter-like device to connect your headphones.

Practice it without an amp: If you are travelling and willing to practice the guitar in your hotel, then you may not have an amp with you. But don’t worry, you can still practice your favourite instrument quietly without an amp.

You need to purchase a battery-powered portable mini amp which can be used with headphones or earphones to turn down the volume so that others don’t get disturbed.

You can even use a modern multi-effects pedal. These pedals come with fantastic inbuilt amp simulations that produce similar to an actual amp. You just need to plug your headphones directly into the pedal.
The last option is to consider a mini amp-sim device which you can plug directly in your guitar. The VOX AmPlug is a very popular device that can be used with your electric guitar to play it anywhere.

How to practice an acoustic guitar quietly?

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Dampen your guitar with your t-shirt: You can stuff the soundhole with one or two t-shirts to reduce the volume of your electric guitar. The material of the t-shirt will dampen the sound and minimize the volume. But the disadvantage of this method is you may find it difficult to get the t-shirts in and out of your guitar every time.

Use an acoustic guitar feedback dampener: To minimize the volume of your acoustic guitar, you can place a dampener over the soundhole. This is an effective solution if you want to give a live-in performance. Moreover, the feedback dampener will meaningfully lessen the bass frequencies that usually travel through walls and exasperates other people.

Purchase a guitar silencer: You can buy a rubber silencer and place it over the sound hole which will mute the volume. But the problem is you may face difficulty in hearing while practising the guitar.

Purchase a silent travel guitar: If you need to travel frequently, then purchase a silent acoustic guitar. But if you want to practice at home silently, then this could be an expensive option for you. Though these guitars will help you to play as quietly as possible, still, you need to plug in your headphones for the best results.

Use palm muting: By using heavy palm muting, you can successfully minimize the guitar’s volume that it won’t disturb others. If done correctly, palm muting can convert your loud acoustic guitar into a silent one completely. If you are using heavy palm muting, you may not able to practice strumming patterns.

Play guitar in a soundless area: If you don’t want to annoy others while practising the guitar, choose an area which can absorb the sound. Playing the guitar in a tile or hardwood floored room will certainly produce louder sound as compared to when played in a bedroom with carpet.

These are some ways which will help you in practising the guitar silently without disturbing others.

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