How much money is required to start an import export business in India

Starting any business in India is not so easy as you require capital, a lot of time, research and efforts but once you have gained enough confidence to give it a start, everything starts falling into place. There are immense import export business opportunities in India right now as selling the products in the international market might give you huge returns as compared to selling the same products in the domestic market. This increases the average income import export business in india which is very beneficial for the entrepreneurs and people who are new to this business. If you are a startup and wanting to start this business, this article will clear all your doubts regarding the capital required to start the import export business in India.

Before starting to export your products to other countries or import products from other countries, you must keep the below things in mind.

Capital needed for registration

Starting the import export services in India requires the registration for your business and you obviously have to spend money for the registration process. The registration process includes getting an import-export code and obtaining the registration cum membership certificate which is a mandatory step. If you have done the import export business course , you will not have any problems in registering your business as you will be educated enough on this topic. The whole registration process requires only a few thousand rupees and not much.

Can import export business be started with minimum or zero investment?

Well, many of you must be having this question in mind as many have the guts and confidence to start the business but not that much capital to invest. So, if you do not have much capital to invest and you are new to this business, you can always start as a mediator or a middleman with a foreign seller. In this way, you will be able to make money as well as understand the intricacies of the business which will later help you in setting up your own business in future. Meanwhile, you can also join an import export course and learn the basics of the business. 

Also, to start with, invest a very small amount like 1000$ to understand the market initially and once you have understood the market, gradually increase the amount as per your income.

Do proper market research

Before deciding to go for the import export business, make sure to do proper market research as a hurried decision of entering into the market might eat up all your investments in no time. Select the product properly after thorough market research and also select your target market well. You cannot sell one single product to everybody and on every market so instead of targeting the whole country, target the market and their consumers. When it comes to products the best import export business in india is considered to sell clothes, electronic goods and edibles but then still it’s your choice if you want to go ahead with new things. Trying new things might involve few risks initially but once you know the market, you will be unstoppable for sure.

Maintain good relationship with the international buyers and sellers

If you are in the import export business, you cannot survive unless you have a good relationship with the international buyers and sellers. Talk to them on calls or chat with them on the messaging apps but make sure to win their trust as they will be the ultimate help for you in the business. A good relationship with the sellers can also give you some monetary benefits as they can adjust payments or agree on the terms that you can pay only after the products are sold in the Indian market. Also, they will be the one managing everything for you in their country as you cannot go there every time so a good relationship with them will ease out many things for you and you will be benefited both in terms of expanding the business and money.

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