How Effective is Social Bookmarking

How Effective is Social Bookmarking?

The success of your online business relies on how much traffic you are getting for your website. Many website owners are doing a plethora of things to get umpteen traffic to their sites. Though the internet is flooded with various methods, you need to choose the best method for getting more visitors to your site. Social bookmarking is a prime way of attracting people to your website. This method is quickly getting popular due to its important effects. If you choose the right digital marketing course in Ahmedabad, you will know more about social bookmarking and its importance.

Here we are also going to discuss what social bookmarking is and how you can use it for the betterment of your business.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the process where you can save a specific web page to a social bookmarking platform that you can revisit later. Social bookmarking sites encourage users to access their bookmarks online, at any time, from any device. Social bookmarking sites are beneficial for online marketers because they can add, interpret, and share bookmarked web pages with their team members and can make a concrete online marketing strategy. Social bookmarking is the safest way to save bookmarks because nothing can expunge it even when all your computer files are extirpated by a virus. You can repossess your bookmarks on the website where you have saved them.

Benefits of social bookmarking for your business

  • You will get a chunk of traffic for your website
  • Improves your brand image and subscriptions
  • Enhances your SEO ranking

How to use social bookmarking sites?

Content curation

As an online marketer, you need to curate content to share with your customers. Your audience will prefer your brand for resources and proficiency in your industry. With a social bookmarking site, you can easily save articles or resources that you find online. This will help you to create content that you can share with your online audience. Social bookmarking saves a lot of time & effort and gives you sufficient time to prepare your content for your audience.

Organize and Save Resources

A prime benefit of social bookmarking sites is that you can organize and save content that you may revisit later. It’s imperative for you to track all the resources that will flourish your development professionally. Using a site where you can keep these resources organized is useful. In this way, you may not lose any important content.

Tag Content

For most social bookmarking sites, you can “tag” content. This means you can label it. Suppose there is a blog post that talks about YouTube SEO strategies, you can “tag” that content as “YouTube.” Then, if needed, you can go back and look for that article or you need resources for YouTube. You have a section in your social bookmarking account tagged YouTube. This keeps the prime resources safe, organized and quickly available as per your need.

Share resources

By sharing content with your team, you can also use social bookmarking tools. As an online marketer, if you have noticed an article about social media strategy, you can tag the content as “Social Media” so that your team can find it later. Moreover, since every member of your team has access to the social bookmarking site, they can monitor the site regularly to find the resources they need. This is beneficial for employees who want to develop their career and also share their learning with other team members.

For example, in “Pocket” you can “tag” content. To pull up specific articles, you can click the “tags” on the left side of your profile.

Build Backlinks

Social bookmarking sites are a fruitful addition to your link building strategy. To bookmark resources on your website, you may use your profile. But don’t only add bookmarks to your site.

You may use social bookmarking normally, bookmarking other resources you bump into, but sprinkle in a post or two from your own site. Though social bookmarking shouldn’t be your sole link building strategy, you can leverage it with your current strategy.

 Promote Your Mentions

Apart from bookmarking articles on your own site, social bookmarking can also be used to link to articles or blog posts that mention your company. Your social bookmarking profile should contain a plethora of self-promotion versus unbranded content.

 Drive Traffic to Your Site

Social bookmarking sites play a pivotal role in driving a lot of traffic to your site. If people bookmark your post and vote for it, this will automatically enhance your rank in searches. Thus, you will get traffic to your site.

Apart from sharing your own posts on your social bookmarking profile, you may want others to bookmark your content. By adding social bookmarking buttons to your blog, you can make the task easier for your users. By just clicking the button, your readers can bookmark your content.

For example, writer Nicole Peeler gets traffic to her website through the content she creates on Medium. She has her website, her Medium profile, and the organization profile linked. If the audience likes her post, they may get more information by clicking the links below the article.


Search engines do rank based on social bookmarking sites. If a site is bookmarked on a social bookmarking site, a link is made and indexed by search engines. This enhances credibility with search engines. Content that is voted for and bookmarked by many users on social bookmarking sites, will automatically get a higher ranking in search engine result pages.  

You can use social bookmarking as a strategy to get more traffic and authority with Google.

Tips for effective social bookmarking

These days, the markets are jam-packed with many social bookmarking plugins that will promptly help you to add bookmark buttons to your blog posts. Now, your readers can quickly check and share it. Apart from adding buttons, here we are mentioning some tips on how you can bring the most out of your social bookmarking campaign.

  • Avoid using Automatic Tools and blast hundreds of Social Bookmarking sites.
  • For penguin safety, use variations in Title, Description and Anchor text.
  • Your prime focus should be on content. Well-structured content quality controls your subscription rate and chances of getting into the front page of high traffic and popular bookmarking sites like Reddit, Flipboard or Pocket.
  • Bloggers have many misconceptions. If you are asked to choose categories of your article link, only select the relevant ones. By choosing spamming categories/tags you may receive irrelevant traffic to your site, but it may tarnish your rank in search engines.
  • To get higher CTR, use catchy and intriguing titles.

In a nutshell, social bookmarking is an effective way to enhance your web presence without any strenuous effort. You just need to update your blog every week, and you will certainly get a steady stream of additional traffic. Though it is not your only traffic source, still, it is an important one.Digital marketing training institute in Ahmedabad offers effective digital marketing courses to aspirants. To get employed with a reputed SEO company in Ahmedabad you should have adequate knowledge of digital marketing. By learning from a top institute, you should have a proficient knowledge of digital marketing, social bookmarking, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, Google AdWords, and many more.

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