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Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

Solar panels may be the most cost-effective option to raise the value of your home while also lowering your energy bills.

For many people, their home is their most valuable possession, and correctly maintaining it is only wise preserving its worth. Maintenance and upgrades by Landlord solar to their home can improve the quality of life while also helping to maintain or increase the market value of the home.

It makes sense to increase the value of your home, but what is the best approach to do so? Not all renovations or changes raise the value of a home enough to make them worthwhile. This may not be a big deal if you plan to live in the house for a long time and get a lot of enjoyment and solar for tenant out of it.

A crowd-pleasing investment

Many individuals believe that expensive home upgrades, such as adding a pool or remodelling your bathroom and kitchen, will help enhance the resale value of their home — and they may, depending on the buyer. In truth, not everyone has the same taste as you or wants to deal with the inconvenience of keeping a pool.

Solar energy, on the other hand, should suit the bulk of purchasers. Everyone in the home requires electricity or some sort of power; if potential buyers are aware of the possible savings on their energy costs, solar panels will almost surely be viewed as a selling point.

In fact, as per one of the latest surveys, Australians overwhelmingly believe that installing the solar panels can increase their home value. 

A win-win situation

Renters have also stated that they are prepared to pay extra for rentals that have solar panels installed, which is unsurprising given the direct savings on their energy expenses. As a result, landlords wishing to raise the value of their investment property might considerably profit from solar panel installation. Not only may they ask a higher rate, but the allure of solar to renters means your house will be rented out all of the time. That is something that all landlords would appreciate.

Solar energy is one upgrade that has a much higher chance of increasing a home’s value than many other, more pricey renovations. Why? People will surely look fondly on your property when it is put up for sale if the cost of utilising energy can be reduced by installing a renewable and sustainable source of power.

People are more accustomed to solar power than other alternative kinds of energy because solar aided hot water systems have been there for several years. Solar panels are way too common on residential roofs than they were even five years ago, and it is definitely a welcome step. According to statistics, up to 19 percent of Australians currently have solar panels installed in their homes.

Selling quickly is part of the equation

You’ll probably find that putting your house on the market makes it tough to fulfil other objectives until it sells. It’s as if you’ve placed your life on hold until the right buyer shows up and signs the dotted line. Only then will you be able to resume your own life and settle into a new setting. It can be incredibly disheartening if the house does not sell soon.

Installing solar panels on a house can help it sell more quickly. Your home could sell up to 20% faster than similar homes without solar panels. This, too, is an example of the value that solar energy can bring to your home and life.

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